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Agnes Peenman


Place of birth

Edge City


Manager of Peenman Apartments[1]


Nancy Fish (The Mask (film))
Tress MacNeille (The Mask: The Animated Series)

First appearance

The Mask (film)

Agnes Peenman is Stanley Ipkiss' landlady in the Mask (1994). She is nearly always furious with Stanley. She was played in the film by American actress Nancy Fish. In The Mask: The Animated Series, her voice was provided by Tress MacNeille.

The Mask (1994)[]

Mrs. Peenman is Stanley's temperamental landlady loves strutting authority about. She gets traumatized by the Mask after failing to shoot at him with a shotgun.

The Mask (SNES game)[]

Dorian Tyrell and his gang of rogues are secretly planning to take over Edge City, a small and prosperous city where the nightlife revolves around the wealthy patrons who attend the nightclub that Dorian owns and operates for the benefit of himself and his henchmen.

Mrs. Peenman is shown as the first boss in the beginning, and seemingly one of Dorian's rogues. She is armed with a shotgun like in the movie.

The Mask: The Animated Series[]

In the animated series, Agnes Peenman returns as Stanley Ipkiss' cranky, mean-spirited landlady who often yells at him over small things like "thinking too loud".

Like Kellaway, she is one of the Mask's victims for his practical jokes due to her verbal abuse towards Stanley. She was one of the many sources of Stanley's aggravations during the original film.



  • Her first name, Agnes, was revealed by The Silent Hulk bartender during the episode, Split Personality.
  • She has no idea that Stanley is The Mask.