Dr. Arthur Neuman


Place of birth

Edge City (possibly)

  • Psychiatrist
  • Author

Ben Stein

First appearance

The Mask (film)

Dr. Arthur Neuman is a character from The Mask in 1994, The Mask: The Animated Series and Son of the Mask in 2005.

History[edit | edit source]

The Mask (film)[edit | edit source]

He is a psychiatrist, who published a book on masks called "The Masks We Wear." Stanley Ipkiss comes to him to study the mask and Neuman deduces it may be a creation of Loki, the Norse god of darkness and mischief. However, he doesn't believe the Mask that Stanley had is real.

The Mask: The Animated Series[edit | edit source]

In the Cartoon TV series he is afraid of dogs, as they can sense and are aggravated by fear when Milo attack him.

Son of the Mask [edit | edit source]

He is giving a museum tour on Norse Mythology, where the Mask of Loki is presumably displayed. Loki ambushes the tour to steal back the mask. Angered to find the mask is a fake, removes Neuman's face and places it in the display case.

Mask Persona[edit | edit source]

While wearing the Mask Dr. Neuman becomes a hyper exaggerated version of a therapist. Analyzing everyone he sees with aggressive fervor and trying to give Charlie a lobotomy. He also teams up with pretorius although he does agree with everyone else that he is insane but decides to team up with him anyway. He also retains traits of Stanley mask persona such as riding on a child bicycle, a book and a bouncy stick and while chasing Stanley he puts him in a shower with a bathtub and popping his eyes out which are attached by springs. He is also psychotic as he takes pleasure in trying to kill Stanley with electric wires but he does still retain some morals such as sparing the police officer even though she tries to get double clearance on him and decides to leave Charlie in a straitjacket after his appointment alarm went off on his watch. He wears a bow tie which has same colour scheme as Stanley mask persona, yellow jacket, blue trousers and sneakers. He also still retains his politeness as after seeing Stanley outside of his house he puts him on a therapy session and though he is still clearly annoyed by him he decides to tell him that his fantasies about the mask are just delusions and after putting a boy in straitjacket he decides to leave the boys mom in a cage instead of putting her in another straitjacket and after seeing Charlie he puts him to Rorschach tests and though he mentions the mask he doesn’t do anything to him until he mentions Stanley which causes him to lose his politeness and decides to do lobotomy on him until his alarm went off and he regains it once more. He believes that everyone is suffering from what he calls ipkissia maskosis which is a condition that he believes that causes everyone to believe the mask is real and which lets him to help pretorius to destroy edge city. He believes the mask does not work even though he is wearing it which it is making him crazy and he denies wearing it even though it’s pretty obvious to everyone that he is wearing it which makes him even more crazier.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Dr. Neuman wearing The Mask.

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