Baby's Wild Ride
Season 1, Episode 3
Baby's Wild Ride
Air date August 19, 1995
Written by Dean Stefan
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Baby's Wild Ride is the third episode of The Mask: The Animated Series.


The episode begins with Kellaway having an interview with a news reporter after The Mask prevented a robbery and asks about The Mask being a hero. But, then usual cynical Kellaway badmouths him about it, resulting in him getting a wedgie from the Mask. Then The Mask arrives home with a brand new tv. just to watch the big game. Then an angered masked Stanley removes his mask and places it on the tv, when somebody knocks on the door. It's his neighbor. She asks to look after her baby which it's indeed a big challenge for Stanley. Then baby starts to cry because of a tv show. Also, Stanley didn't give him ice cream. Then the baby throws the remote. Then The mask falls into the sofa when Stanley pushes the off button on the tv, then the baby sees the mask and wears it As Stanley tries to obtain it. Then the baby mask trashes Stanley's apartment, destroys his new tv and goes after an ice cream truck. Then the baby eats all of the ice cream stored in the truck. Then Kellaway and Doyle come to investigate. They conclude that the mask's probably behind it. Then baby mask goes to an ice cream shop and eats all of the ice cream there. After a short feud between Lonnie the Shark's minions, they join the baby mask. Then the baby mask goes after an ice cream truck. Which he found that he's been tricked by Kellaway and Doyle. Then the baby Mask gets angry and fights Kellaway and then he gets away with his pants. Then the gang attacks Stanley who follows them and then he packs him in the trunk and gets away. Stanley asks Milo to get the keys so he can open the trunk. Milo then accidentally starts the car when he tried to get the keys and drives the car. Then the gang goes to the Studio where they're producing the tv show which baby hates. but the henchmen accidentally remove the baby's mask in an attempt to remove the milk bottle he was drinking. Then they found the baby sitting in the motorcycle. Their old boss,  Lonnie the Shark, comes and he wants to see their new boss but he only found the baby sitting there. Then Lonnie gets angry and asks them to explain, but they can't because they didn't realize that the baby was wearing the mask. Lonnie accuses the baby of being an undercover cop due to him wearing a wire and threatens to deal with the baby.

Milo is still driving the car on cruise control as Stanley who is stuck in the truck gives a command on where Milo should turn. As they arrive to the set just in time crashing into the biker gang. and Just as Lonnie as Barnaby is about to deal with Stanley. Milo gets a hold of the mask and gives it to Stanley who was still in the trunk stuck and Stanley as the Mask comes out the trunk with a bike of his own to stop Lonnie and the Biker gang. As Stanley wearing the mask defeats the biker gang, he spots Lonnie kidnapping the baby and he goes to rescue the baby whom Lonnie drops off the top of the building which horrifies Masked Stanley, Stanley then rescues him putting him back in his stroller and goes to stop Lonnie but he rode his motor bike past him and up into the sky realizing that his bike ran out of gas. Then he had an idea while falling, so he unmasked himself while falling ontop of Lonnie into the set and the Mask itself is seen rolling to where the baby was. The baby gets to it and wears it again to take on Lonnie to defeat him, Milo then tags along beside the baby. At this time Kellaway wearing a diaper and Doyle arrive out of a farmer's truck to chase after the mask. Doyle unmasks Barnaby revealing it was Lonnie, Lonnie and his biker gang are arrested. As Stanley comes to waking up from the debris where he crashed in recently. Kellaway sees Stanley and accuses him of being the mask but instead Stanley lies to him getting a Barnaby costume revealing himself to be Barnaby as the understudy instead of the mask. Kellaway begs that he will get him one day and take him in if he is the mask. A stage worker comes seeing Barnaby not knowing it was Stanley and they put him on stage to perform live on tv. Stanley faints from having stage fright. The baby is seen in the audience with Milo as he hold the mask in his hands and puts it on again tearing the closing circle to see the viewers breaking the fourth wall.



Trivia Edit

  • Barnaby the dinosaur is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur from a show on PBS kids called Barney and Friends.



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