Baxter Simon is a British bounty hunter from The Mask: The Animated Series season 2 episode, Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters. He is one of the professional bounty hunters Pretorius hired, the other being Tex Clobber, to capture The Mask after he placed a bounty on him to stop from him from ruining his evil plans.

Simon is a technological genius who uses state-of-the-art electronic gadgets to capture his targets such as walk-in cage traps and harpoon guns. He is the opposite of his rival in capturing The Mask, Tex Clobber, since Clobber is a wilderness hunter who uses old fashioned hunting weapons and his physical strength to capture his targets.

He and Clobber failed to captured The Mask due to his powers and wacky antics. The Mask blew them away with a large air-sol spray and hanged on fish hooks. The two bounty hunters were then given a taste of their own medicine when The Mask posted a wanted poster of them with a $100,000,000 reward. At the end of the episode, the duo are chased by a crowd of people wanting to capture them. They accidentally got themselves covered in tar and run into a chicken truck and coming out covered in feathers as The Mask and Baby Forthwright watch them run.


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