• Site Looker

    Favourite episodes

    July 22, 2018 by Site Looker

    Within the animated series my two favourite episodes are 'To Have and Have Snot' and 'When Pigs Ruled the Earth'

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  • Spyro1996
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  • Maxdee998

    For those few who watched Son of the Mask, did you notice that within a minute the character of Sylvia seemed like a copy of the Tina character from the first film? Both are approached by the mask wearer in a sexual manner, both are wearing something pretty revealing, and are spun into an uncontrollable tornado. I see references to the first film throughout the second. But a question has come up. Who's hotter in your opinion? Tina or Sylvia? I find it hard to decide.

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  • Pof203

    The Mask: Persona

    June 8, 2014 by Pof203

    I have written a blog on another wiki that deals with the Mask animated series.

    Here's a ling:

    I just hope nothing happens to me that has to do with the Mask himself coming to me for joining this wiki or just the Mask of Loki in its mondane form because I'm terrified of him and don't want to wear it. Thank you.

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  • The Tide and Seeker

    i was on ebay yesterday and was going to see if anyone there sell the loki mask. apperently they do. in fact, its hard to tell if it is the orignal mask from the movie. but ii was lucky enough to find one that was a good looking one that cost $12.00. and its from china. but if you have lots of money, go spend it on the one that is 1$99.00. tell me what you think about this.

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  • Movieweps

    Beretta M12

    December 21, 2012 by Movieweps

    The Beretta M12 is an amazing gun feautured in many movies and tv shows and games.

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  • ElectricMayhem

    The Mask is a reboot of the classic series. It is the first live-action appearance of the Mask ever since "Son of the Mask". However, this series takes a darker turn on the franchise, taking only a few inspirations from the original movie and much more inspirations from the comic books. Stanley Ipkiss (Bradley Cooper) finds a green mask at a small store, and notices the store's owner (Will Ferrel) is eager to get rid of it. Soon, after putting it on, Stanley finds out why!

    Two men in Manhattan are arguing about a man named Montoya. Meanwhile, at an airport near Las Vegas, a mysterious man named Montoya is rushing to an airplane. He turns around and sees what looks like 2 CIA agents, then runs. He runs into a dark room, and the CIA agents try…

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