Adventures of the Mask 004
is a villain from Adventures of the Mask.

A Femme Fatale with a taste for the finer things in life and a way with men, Bombshell all but walked into Stanleys bank and got handed the money by lovey dovey guards.

Bombshell possessed a special pheromone perfume that made her completly irresistable to any man in the immediate vicinity, as well as a special explosive lipstick that turned even her blown kisses into deadly blasts, even touching her finger to her lips then a mans face caused a small explosion. The only one who could resist her 'charm' was Doyle, whose allergies stuffed him up enough that he couldn't smell the pheromones.

The Mask was completly helpless against her when Stanley tried fighting her, instead aiding her in all her criminal ventures. It took a womans touch....namely Peggy's fist to bring down this man eater.

Bombshell was arrested, had her pheromone perfume taken away, her mouth covered and placed under guard by female officers with a precautionary order that no man was to come within 50 feet of her at any time.


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