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Bride of Pretorius
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 16. September, 1995
Written by Steve Roberts
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Bride of Pretorius is the seventh episode of The Mask: The Animated Series.


Stanley dates a shy, quiet girl who works at her bank—and becomes a loud, man-hungry woman named Eve when she stumbles upon The Mask who falls in love with him Meanwhile, Pretorius looks for a female companion.



Stanley is at the Coco Bongo, searching a company but when he sees that Pretorius has arrived and is up to no good, he quickly puts on the mask to put a stop to his evil schemes. Later on at the bank, he meets a girl named Evelyn who is like him so Charlie tells him to go on a date with her which he does and she agrees to it. At the apartment while on their date, Evelyn suddenly gets nervous and tries to go to the bathroom, but ends up opening the closet which causes to lose her glasses that get attached to the Mask of Loki and she puts both her glasses on that gets the Mask of Loki to go around her head, which turns her into a tall, attractive, southern american girl with an accent that goes with it named Eve. Eve shows herself to be a nice, wacky, kind and unpredictable man-hungry woman who falls in love with Stanley in no time at all with her giving out kisses, hard hugs and at one point turns her head into that of an cartoon wolf. She takes Stanley and herself to the Coco Bongo to have a dance, that ends with her accidentally putting Stanley through the ceiling, which she rescues him from it. She hugs him to make up for it and gets distracted by trying to give him gentle kisses that she fails to notice a cage behind her which she only notices at the last second, but Stanley saves her from it by being taken inside it instead. Pretorius after mistakenly taking Stanley believing that he has Eve instead, explains to him that he is planning to wipe all life from the planet and use Eve to start a new species that inherits the planet. Eve then breaks in, and Pretorius discovers that he has Stanley instead of her so he gives her the offer to join him twice but she rejects him and rescues Stanley the man she loves and cares about instead. She gets distracted by trying to kiss Stanley again being relived to see him safe, but the robot body goes towards the button that will actives the machine to bring that meteor down to earth, though she does get herself back on track to stop it, it was too late and Stanley tells Eve to use her powers to stop that meteor coming to earth, but Eve tells him to say it in french first, which Stanley decides to take her face off so he can use the mask to stop that meteor. But The Mask has no idea how to stop it so he goes back to the apartment to prepare for the end to come, he reads all his books, watches all his favourite TV shows and movies, eats a large sandwich which he then burps very loudly, makes a phone call to Charlie to let him know that he can keep his promotion then checks his watch to see that the time is coming to an end so always the gentleman, the Mask goes to the bathroom to clean himself up, he knots his tie up, brushes his large white buck teeth, cuts the nostrils in his nose since he has no hair on his head and sprays his armpits, which he notices a leaking in the pipe which he comments on never having it fixed but then has an idea from it. He goes back and build a large pipe that then takes the meteor back to space, but then Pretorius grabs him using glue of his own to take his face off with success. He was about to kill Stanley, but then Evelyn saves him with a cannon. Both Stanley and Evelyn break up because their dogs could not get along with each other. Stanley and Milo both watch the stars in the sky with the telescope together.


  • This is the first time that The Mask "Stanley" would use a Mask that is similar to Stanley's face but to trick the viewers into thinking that Pretorius had unmasked the Mask.
  • This is the first episode where a female mask appears.
  • Eve shows herself to be like the Mask chaotic but does have a good heart since she is her unmasked self Evelyn persona as shown when she falls in love with Stanley and ends up caring about him and most likely would end up stopping Pretorius's scheme if Stanley didn't take her face off.