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Edge City (possibly)


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Edge City Bank manager (cartoon)

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The Mask

Charles James "Charlie" Schumaker was Stanley Ipkiss's friend from The Mask in 1994 as well as the tritagonist of the film, he is played by the late American actor Richard Jeni and voiced by Mark Taylor in the animated series.

The Mask (film)[]

Charlie Schumaker is Stanley's best friend and co-worker at the Edge City Bank. He can sometimes be a little selfish or irrational at times, but is overall amiable. He, like Stanley, takes interest in Tina Carlyle. He praises Stanley when he stands up to their controlling boss Mr. Dickey in front of everyone. During the climatic battle at the Coco Bongo, he helps Stanley escort the civilians out of the club while Stanley faces off against Dorian Tyrell to get the mask back and saving Tina. Afterwards, Charlie leads and assist the police in arresting the remaining mob henchman once Dorian has been dealt with. He and Tina then take their leave with Stanley when Lt. Mitch Kellaway accosts them only to be halted by Mayor Mitchell Tilton.

He is with Stanley and Tina as Stanley throws the mask back in the river before him and Tina kiss. Charlie jumps into the river to get the mask and use it for himself, but Milo first got it and swims away.

The Mask: The Animated Series[]

Charlie appears in the TV show as Stanley's friend, but has a egotistical and philandering personality as opposed to his fun-loving and friendly movie counterpart. In the two-part pilot episode, Charlie is the manager of Edge City Savings and Loans, and dreams of becoming vice president of the whole bank chain by doing business ideas like renovating the abandoned House of Tomorrow with Stanley doing all the handiwork, to get the promotion. He's quite proud of his status of bank manager and never misses an occasion to remind Stanley that he is.

Stanley was promoted vice president two times in the series, devastating Charlie, but later went back to his previous position. Even though he pretends he'll help Stanley progress through his own career (in the very first episode) he appears to be totally unable to be happy for him whenever he gets promoted - even getting jealous of him (Double Reverse), or starting to cry about it (Boogie with the Man).

He usually looks out for himself, tries to score women, has Stanley do his work for him, etc., but still acts as a "friend" to Stanley. At times, he takes advantage of Stanley by making him to do tasks for his personal gain. In the episode, The Good, The Bad, and Fish Guy, he threatens to fire Stanley on his day off if he doesn't get an "important bank statement" from the airport, which turns out to be a zebra pelt jacket for Charlie, upsetting Stanley. In the end of Up the Creek, he reveals he uses Stanley's credit card to pay for the camping equipment they lost during the rough trip, but received payback from Mask when he dressed up as the old hillbilly bride he was forced to marry, scaring Charlie into fainting and stealing his Banker's Ball party ticket he was invited to. He does not hesitate to fire Stanley (Broadway Malady) and in the same episode, isn't even grateful enough after Stanley rescued him to give him more than "his old job" back.

Charlie has been a victim of the Mask's antics like Lt. Kellaway and Mrs. Peenman due to him mistreating and taking advantage of Stanley for his own selfish and lazy demands; stealing his Banker's Ball ticket and giving him a wedgie (once in The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 2 for making Stanley repair the House of Tomorrow all by himself and in Mystery Cruise).

Overall, the show version of Charlie is beyond selfish, mostly a coward, loves to feel hierarchically superior to Stanley and uses him whenever he wants to. It is quite mysterious to what extent Stanley does consider him a "friend," regarding his actions.

In spite of abusing his authority over Stanley, there have been times where Charlie has been nice to him with no ulterior motive. In "Bride Of Pretorius", he encouraged Stanley to ask Evelyn out on a date after seeing that they both liked each other but were too shy about it. He also seemed sincerely concerned about Stanley when he briefly went missing during their camping trip.


  • Charlie is the main manager of the bank in the show whereas he is just another employee along with Stanley in the movie and Mr. Dickey is never mentioned or seen even once on the show. One possible reason for this is that the creators of the show could not get the rights to Eamonn Roche's likeness.
  • In the movie, Charlie has black hair. In the show, he has light brown hair.
  • The late Phil Hartman was considered for the role of Charlie Schumaker.