Charles "Cheap Chucky" is a one-time villain character from The Mask: The Animated Series season one episode, How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can? He is the meekish, skinny owner of the failing Cheap Chucky's Chili business and hires Willamina Bubask to capture dogs as taste-testers for his chili so he can market it as dog food.

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The Cheap Chucky's Chili business is losing money due to its bad taste and the business' owner is desperate. He plans on transforming the business to dog food titled Charles' Choice Dog Chow where he hired fugitive dogcatcher and criminal, Willamina Bubask, to capture dogs to use them as taste testers for his chili to find the right recipe to sell for his dog food.

He hosted a chili cooking contest in Edge City Park that Stanley entered for the promise of a $10,000 prize with a yam-favored chili. Things turned to chaos when Walter (wearing a sombrero and an entree in the contest) encounters Stanley, wanting The Mask from him and throws him at the tables. During the fight, Chucky quietly steals the other entree's chili to find more recipes.

Stanley Ipkiss' dog, Milo, who encountered Willamina earlier in the episode, capturing dogs, follows her to Cheap Chucky's chili factory and attempts to rescue his fellow dogs from Willamina and Chucky's sinister scheme with the assistance of Stanley and the Mask. When Milo was wearing the Mask, Willamina was determined to captured him, seeing the powerful, green-faced canine her destiny; capturing the toughest dog in her career. Chucky attempts to attack the Mask-wearing Milo with a large mallet as Willamina asks for $60 from him for capturing it and he's broke, but the sneaky dog pulls out a black spot out of his nose that made a hole on the floor that Chucky fell through.

Milo releases the imprisoned dogs from their cages and attack an angry-then-frightened Chucky by running him over. The Mask battles Walter and sends him flying into the air, and defeats Willamina by feeding her with a bowl of chili (with his powerful spicy jalapeños) and locks the third-degree burnt woman in a dog cell. She and Cheap Chucky was arrested and Stanley was rewarded with $10,000 for her capture.

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