Cookie BaBoom is a villain character from The Mask: The Animated Series, only appearing in the season two episode, Flight as a Feather.

She's an exotic dancer and stripper who's Mayor Tilton's ex-girlfriend who crashes the ceremony and throws off her trenchcoat to reveal 2 megatons worth of explosives strategically strapped across her torso and waist like a tube top and an micro-mini-skirt, respectively, and it implies that she's going to kill herself along with Mayor Tilton because the Mayor dumped her. The Mask (only interested in retrieving his feather) thwarts Cookie's plan by impersonating a Cockney British bartender who creates a drink called The Bikini Cocktail, using the dynamite strapped to Cookie's body as the main ingredient. Before Kellaway and Doyle can capture The Mask, he distracts them by turning Cookie (who had been spinning around in a blur after The Mask ripped the dynamite off her body) around so her naked front (which the spectator's unable to see) faces them, causing them to react sexually and collapse.

She was voiced by Cree Summer who also played Gorgonzola and Davida Steelmine.

Trivia Edit

  • Cookie BaBoom's surname is probably a reference to Miss Vavoom from the Tom & Jerry Kids Show and coincidentally both of them are voluptuous-looking women.
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