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Detective Doyle is Detective Mitch Kellaway's partner for Edge City Police. He is played by Jim Doughan in The Mask in 1994 and voiced by Jim Cummings in The Mask: The Animated Series.

Doyle is most often portrayed as a bumbling idiot with a penchant for donuts. He often hinders Detective Kellaway more than he helps.

The Mask: The Animated Series Edit

During the animated series, Doyle is still Kellaway's dimwitted and lazy partner. Most of the time, he is seen eating donuts or other snacks rather than paying attention or focusing on the job. As such, Kellaway shouts out his name whenever he says or does something stupid.

Unlike his partner, Doyle is somewhat friendly to Stanley and the Mask as he often views him as a hero than a menace. In the episode, Fantashtick Voyage, he saves the Mask's life when being electrocuted by Cybermite, which the Mask was thankful for. But he does often suffers retaliation from the Mask when he and Kellaway tries to arrest him. In the season 3 episode, They Came from Within, he's a fan of the comic book superhero, the Galactic Avenger, like Stanley. When The Mask destroys Stanley's Issue Number One Galactic Avenger comic book, which costs Stanley's life savings, to stop the Dark Star Trio from killing Doyle and Lt. Kellaway for mistaking him for their archenemy, Doyle feels sympathy for Stanley. He gave him his own Issue Number One of the Galactic Avenger from his childhood to Stanley in the mail, which Stanley is really grateful for.

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  • It is strange how Doyle ever got promoted to detective due to his stupidity. This must be a result of the Edge City Police Department's own stupidity.


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  • Doyle is an original character made for the film (and his future appearances in the cartoon), and never appeared in the original comics until Adventures of the Mask