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Eugene Rapaz


First appearance

The Mask #1

Eugene Rapaz is the main antagonist from The Mask Comic in 1991. Rapaz is a drug dealer and mob boss.

Rapaz is the most powerful mobster in the city and his main business is drug dealing. Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway arrests him and charges him with this crime; but by bribing the jury, having Walter kill a squealer, and with the help of his successful lawyer, Rapaz's charges are all dropped. Angered, Kellaway later uses the Mask to turn into Big-Head and deal with Rapaz. He disguises as a criminal and holds Rapaz at gunpoint but he is saved when Walter attacks Big-Head. After a long battle with Walter, Big-Head "kills" him by electrocuting him. Big-Head corners Rapaz in an alley but dismisses the chance to shoot him and leaves. However, he leaves an explosive cigarette in the ground, which blows up and kills Rapaz.

Pretorius draws many physical similarities to Rapaz, having the same face while shortening the mohawk and having round optic implants similar to Rapaz's small, rounded-lens dark glasses.