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Edge City (possibly)


As Evelyn Banker As Eve Superhero and Lover


Kath Soucie

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The Mask: The Animated Series

Evelyn is a shy, quiet woman and Stanley's one-time date. She owns a dog called Esmeralda who is just as shy as she is.

Evelyn wearing the mask

Stanley meets her in Edge City Bank and after some encouraging from Charlie he asks her to come to his apartment. Initially unsure, she goes to Stanley's apartment, but the date doesn't go as planned. Evelyn accidentally puts the mask on and becomes Eve, the first female Mask of the show.

Eve in no time at all shows herself to be the opposite of her unmasked self telling Stanley how she feels completely with little hearts on her eyes and around her head with an angel pulling an arrow through her head and tries to kiss Stanley a lot of times which Stanley tries to avoid and Eve decides to call Stanley her screwball rabbit and loves pork rinds as well as she eats a whole bowl of them and decides to take herself and Stanley out on a 'romantic' date to the coco Bongo where she whipped him about the dance floor and takes him to top of the roof where she looks at the stars and says they are so far yet so close which Stanley agrees and then Eve tells him to say it again in french but Stanley doesn’t say it but Eve doesn’t mind and therefore tries to kiss him again but Stanley tries to tell her that there’s a helicopter behind her but she was too focus on trying to kiss him and calls him feisty rabbit but eventually she turns around and saw it and a cage that is about to trap her but Stanley saves her and ends up in it instead. Eve then went on to save Stanley from Pretorius and eventually went on to fight him with her ability to change her appearance to help her do it and survives all attempts meant to kill her and Pretorius tries to convince her to marry him but understandably she rejects him and rescues Stanley but Pretorius got his body to active the button to bring the meteor to earth while she was distracted trying to kiss Stanley of course she stops the body but fails to stop it from pressing the button in time Stanley tells her to use her superhuman powers and abilities to stop the comet and though she would probably do it in the end she tells him to say it in french again and Stanley decides to grab the mask off and do it himself which he did and Evelyn ends up with no memories of how she end up in Pretorius lab and after saving Stanley from Pretorius she and Stanley agree to break up. Evelyn wore the mask in Bride of Pretorius, which was also her only appearance.

Mask Persona[edit | edit source]

Eve is almost the exact opposite of Evelyn. Dressed like a stereotypical vamp with her alluring red dress, blue eye-shadow , much more taller wears red high heel shoes and red lipstick, she is confident, wacky, impulsive, fun loving , loud, adorable, uninhibited and not afraid to show people how she feels, as shown when she declares she is madly in love with Stanley and also ends up caring about Stanley despite knowing him for a short amount of time and even at one point shifting into the wolf from the 'red hot riding hood' cartoons like Stanley Mask persona sometimes does and also turning her head into that of an alien from the 1950s with hair sticking out eyes on each side and a big mouth. She is highly amorous and makes several highly suggestive comments and actions while on their date, such as the lustful panting while still looking like the wolf, forcing Stanleys head into her chest and so on. She is fiercely protective of him and goes on the offensive when Pretorius kidnaps him. She transforms into Vazquez from aliens then She ra from He man and attacks Pretorius.

However as it would later turn out Evelyn has gained some of the qualities of her Mask persona after rescuing Stanley from danger. Gaining confidence to raise her voice above a whisper and yell at Pretorious while declaring her love for Stanley.

Whist wearing the Mask Eve's accent is that of a southern American Female.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Evelyn wears glasses but her Mask persona doesn't which differs from Fish Guy who still wears glasses when he is in his Mask persona.
  • She's one of the three characters in the animated series whose Mask personas gave themselves names with the other two being Stanley Ipkiss and Fish Guy.

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