Freeze is a mobster and a villain in The Mask film. He is also a friend of Dorian Tyrell.

In the movie, he was portrayed by the late Reginald E. Cathey.


Freeze was a henchman of Tyrell who he is loyal to. Freeze even joined in Tyrell's cause into replacing Niko with Tyrell as the mob boss of Edge City. Unfortunately, Niko's henchmen discovered Tyrell's plot and brought him to their boss. Niko ordered Tyrell to leave Edge City in one week otherwise he would kill him.

Tyrell, however refused to abandon his plans sent Freeze and some mobsters to rob a bank. The robbery was foiled by Stanley Ipkiss (using the Mask) who robbed the bank before they could. Freeze was mortally wounded in the aftermath due to being shot several times in the stomach by the police in a shootout,which made him lose a lot of blood and retreated to the Coco Bongo. His boss Dorian Tyrell offered him a cigarette and lit it for him, but Freeze died in the process after succumbing to his wounds; but not first before telling Tyrell what happened.

The Mask (SNES game) Edit

Dorian Tyrell and his gang of rogues are secretly planning to take over Edge City, a small and prosperous city where the nightlife revolves around the wealthy patrons who attend the nightclub that Dorian owns and operates for the benefit of himself and his henchmen.

Freeze is shown as the semi-final boss in the near the end and one of Dorian's rogues. He is armed with two ball weights attached to his wrists like the kind used in prisons.


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