Governement Guy is a one-time villain character and main antagonist of The Mask: The Animated Series season 2 episode, Future Mask. He is the future mayor of Edge City, but rules it like an oppressive dictatorship with an army of robot soldiers. He's a skinny, meekish politician who speaks with a Southern accent, but technically skilled since he can build a robot army. He desires to obtain The Mask to become a strong, powerful being. He was defeated at the end when Stanley Ipkiss' Mask traveled to the future to get revenge for one of his robots ruining his pants and freeing 23rd Century Edge City from his rule.

Biography Edit

In 23rd Century Edge City after a thermonuclear crisis, Government Guy found the Mask of Loki, hundred of years after Stanley Ipkiss kept it, and uses it to power everything in Edge City. It allowed him to gain absolute control of the city, including banning everything that is fun and creating an army of robots to enforce them, leading to a small rebellion trying to overthrow him. In the end he found the mask of his timeline was not radioactive and put it on but quickly lose as he didn't have the same understanding of the masks powers as Ipkiss

Trivia Edit

  • He's a parody of American businessman and independent U.S. presidential candidate, Ross Perot, who served as an independent candidate for the 1992 presidential elections and for the Reform Party platform in 1996, during The Mask: The Animated Series' original run time on television.