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First appearance

The Mask Strikes Back Issue 1

Hugo was a character from the comic of The Mask Strikes Back.

Unlike his other friends, when he put on the mask, he didn't become Big-Head, it instead became invisible on his face and made him see the world from an abnormal perspective.


Hugo was a fan of Big-head along with his friends Rick, Ben and Archie who hung out at Archie's apartment.

Rick found a mysterious jade coloured mask which gave it's wearer the looks, characteristics and powers of Big-Head. After both Rick and Ben had worn it, both deciding that the powers it granted were too much beyond their control and it should be disposed of as soon as possible, Hugo wore it and escaped while the three other boys were being taken away by Lieutenant Kellaway for questioning on their involvement with the other sightings of Big-Head.

Hugo had imagined himself being a big, smart muscular version of Big-Head fighting off bullies and picking up girls. However the mask acted differently on him than it had on the others, it turned invisible, making him look like his normal self. He then began to see the world as a terrifying nightmarish place. The final straw was when he went home to his family for dinner and even his own parents looked like monsters.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, he then fearfully rushed back to his three friends who had by this time had Archie's apartment searched by Kellaway and a few other policemen. He then removed the mask, revealing to them what it had done to him and saying that it was now freaking him out.

He then handed the mask to Archie who then wore it and decided be a crime fighter but he had the same problems as Rick and Ben as he was unable to control himself with the powers it granted. They were also being pursued by a thug named Walter.

Walter then tried to seize the mask for himself, but when it didn't work for him, he flung it far into the distance, much to Kellaway's annoyance, who had hoped to get rid of it once and for all.

They then all return to Archie's apartment, reminiscing on how much of a weird week it had been and are delighted that the butterfly from the chrysalis has emerged, but are unaware of it later being eaten by a blackbird.