Kablamus (Joe Blow)


Place of birth

Edge City (possibly)




Jim Cummings

First appearance

Double Reverse

Kablamus is a villain from The Mask: The Animated Series who was so obsessed with balloons that ends up becoming himself in an unbreakable balloon, gaining the ability of inflate himself like a balloon without dying.



A scared Joe Blow gets inflated like a balloon

Joe Blow was a green-haired man who was experimenting to create an everlasting balloon that would never pop or deflate. Unfortunately, the balloon overinflated and caused him to fall into the chemicals in his factory. As a result, he gained the power to inflate himself up like a balloon and explode without dying (the chemicals he fell into turn his skin as rubber, made him unbreakable) and then returning to normal size. After discovering his new superability, he understood that the purpose of all balloons is popping, because that makes them fun, so he decide to become "Kablamus, the exploding man".

His costume consists of a blue leotard, orange pants, black gloves, boots, and a belt with grenades. When he inflates, he sounds exactly like a balloon inflating. He has a special pouch in his costume where he puts different grenades that explode with him. Every time he inflates, he's getting bigger and bigger, so when he used the Plutonium primer, he could inflate himself to the size of a skyscraper. Kablamus also can use his power to inflate only parts of his body, like his feet, in order to jump very high, and also could keep himself inflated for a while in order to floating up in the skies.


Kablamus with his costume, holding a tear gas grenade

Stanley as The Mask had a hard time in his first encounter with him due to following a reverse psychology written by Dr. Neuman disrupting his powers. Also, Kablamus was successful at reading Dr. Neuman's book and even invaded his office. Trying to get vengeance on all the kids who never bought his balloons, he planned to blow the entire Edge City with a Plutonium Primer grenade, inflating himself so bigger as a skyscraper. The Mask managed to defeat him by replacing his Plutonium Primer grenade with a Popcorn Primer grenade. He, then inflates, giving the Mask the opportunity to install a valve, which deflates him.

Kablamus returned, angry at the city for not making him Grand Marshall. He makes deadly balloons and hypnotizes the Mask to help him, but the effects wore off and the Mask ignited him and his deadly balloons resulting in him exploding never to be seen again.

Despite this he makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Broadway Malady" auditioning for a musical with villain Sir Andrew Bedwetter and then joins him in prison.


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