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God of Mischief,Chaos and Halloween the creator of the Mask


Alan Cumming (Son of the Mask)

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Loki is the Norse God of Mischief, Chaos and Halloween and the creator of the Mask. He is played by the Scottish actor Alan Cumming. He is the unseen overarching antagonist in the 1994 film, ‘The Mask’ and the main antagonist in its 2005 stand-alone sequel, ‘Son of the Mask.’


A failure in the eyes of his father Odin, Loki desperately seeks his approval but is constantly falling short due to his like of leisure and fun. As such Loki has been seeking his mask for what is likely centuries.

At a museum where Arthur Neuman works. He spots the Mask in a glass case, only to find that it's only a prop for the museum and causes chaos in the museum demanding for the location of his mask.

Later in the film he is told by his father that a baby has been conceived by the wearer of the Mask named Tim Avery. He was assigned to find the baby named Alvey Avery who has powers of the mask, however, he wasn't aware that his Mask was being inhabited by a dog named Otis who is using the mask to get rid of Alvey so he could be Tim's favorite only.

He later chases after and corners Tim and Alvey into an alley, demanding the former to give him his Mask, but Tim claims to not have it. Angered, Loki tries to kill him with a massive grenade, only for Alvey forms his hands into a shield to protect him and Tim from getting blown up. Odin possesses Tim and, fed up with Loki's destructive approach, removes his powers.

Later, he is able to convince Odin to restore his powers by completing a summoning ritual and appealing to him, but Odin warns him that he only has one last chance to retrieve the Mask, giving him one hour to complete his mission before Loki loses his powers permanently. Loki then disguises himself as Tim's wife Tonya and manages to kidnap Alvey, but not before giving Tim an ultimatum; if he returns the Mask, then the baby will be returned to him. As they wait for Tim to arrive with the Mask in the alley where he had confronted them earlier, Loki gets to know Alvey by exploring what powers of the mask he has. Later, Tim and Tonya arrive with the mask in Tim's possession to get their son back from Loki, but chaos ensues when Loki lies about the trade, wanting both the mask and Alvey for himself, having grown attached to the child. Otis is angered and bites him in the crotch causing pain to Loki who accidentally throws the mask, allowing Tim to catch it and transform into his mask persona again. Loki flees with with Alvey in his car, and Tim as the mask takes Tonya and Otis into a crazy looking car chasing after Loki through the streets. Despite Loki's efforts to slow the family down with his powers, they eventually catch up to him in a stadium, where Loki and Masked Tim duke it out until Loki stops, realizing that he and Tim wearing the mask were evenly matched and suggests that they let Alvey to decide who he should be with; either his parents or Loki.

Tim agrees and stands by his wife waiting on Alvey's decision, but as Alvey was about to make the wrong choice which worried Tim, he calls out to his son unmasking himself to convince him to stay, which convinces Alvey to take their side.

Loki, angered by this, immediately tries to destroy the family, only for the time limit to expire and his powers to halt as Odin himself appears, this time in person, and once again berates Loki on his failure to retrieve the mask in time and talks down at him on how much he clearly despises him as his son. Accepting this, Loki remarks Odin always viewed him as a disappointment until Tim, feeling sympathy for Loki, intervenes in their argument. Tim reminds Odin that regardless of their problems, they are still father and son and that "the most important thing in life is a relationship with your family". Tim gives Loki the mask, to which he passes to his father, and allowing him to complete his mission.

Touched by Tim's heartfelt words, Odin embracing Loki as his son, accepts the mask from him as well. Loki is happy when Odin permits his return, and the two gods leave Earth with the artifact. As they return to Asgard, Loki tells his father that maybe he could help him reconcile with his mother, to which an annoyed Odin tells him not to push his luck.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a god, Loki is immortal and omnipotent, and can do anything he wants, even bending and breaking the rules of the universe, time and space and warping reality (much like a cartoon character). When angered, his face morphs into that of a green goblin-like creature, representing his Mask.



  • It's clearly unknown if Loki knows of who Stanley Ipkiss was, who was also a wearer of the mask himself.