Security Guard at Edge City Bank (formerly)

First appearance

The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 1

Matilda was Stanley/Mask's love interest in the The Mask: The Animated Series' pilot episode, The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 1.

She's a German-accented woman who used to work as a security guard at Edge City Bank, but quit the job after the Mask showed up at the bank and scared her away while she were handling some bank robbers.

Biography Edit

In the beginning of the pilot episode, Stanley was talking with his pet dog, Milo, about Matilda, saying he's having a date with her Friday, but later admits he's just walking with her to her car after work. After being interrupted by Mrs. Peenman scolding him for "thinking too loud" and tempted to get revenge on her by using The Mask, Stanley hears the Edge City Bank alarm, knowing that a robbery is happening and Matilda is in danger. He puts on Mask to rescue Matilda, after putting explosive cigars on Mrs. Peenman for payback.

After Mask attacks the getaway driver, Matilda apprehends the two bank robbers all by herself before they left with the stolen money. But, Mask (dressed and acting like a medieval knight) barges in to rescue Matilda, first by accidentally grabbing one of the bank robbers then grabbing Matilda. She was startled by The Mask and ran outside screaming. Mask apprehends the robbers, but he forgets to tie them up as he (dressed up like a Shakespearean Romeo-like poet) runs out into the streets to find his beloved Matilda as the robbers escape with the loot in the damaged getaway car without the driver.

As Stanley came to work while the police are investigating the robbery, he sees Charlie giving Matilda her last paycheck. Stanley thought he was firing her, but Charlie examples he can since he's now promoted to manager of the bank, but she's just quitting. Stanley was disappointed as Matilda is leaving Edge City also as she's frightened by The Mask's presence and everything that is happening in Edge City.


Trivia Edit

  • She is Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask's first interest in the TV series and second after Tina Carlyle from the film.
  • Her hairstyle is similar to Princess Leia's from the Star Wars franchise.