Mayhem Vol 1 2
What Revenge Means to Me
Part of: Mayhem
Issue number(s): 1
Page count: 12
Writer: John Arcudi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Doug Mahnke
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Cover artist(s): Doug Mahnke
Editor: Mike Richardson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication date: 1989

Mayhem Issue #2 was first published in June 1989 and contains What Revenge Means to Me, the second part of a four issue story about The Mask. Mayhem Issue #2 also contains stories about Mecha and The Mark.

Plot SummaryEdit

After the first time he got revenge against those who humiliated him using the Mask, Stanley Ipkiss has been using the thing to get revenge againts all of those who have taken advantage of him or simply people he holds a grudge against. More often than not, these acts include gruesome murders, which have alerted Lieutenant Kellaway and all the authorites of the entire place.

However, Stanley's list of enemies grows shorter and with just one name left on the list, he decides to become a super-hero after he has dealt with all his enemies. Unfortunately, he has been so absorbed being the Mask, that his relationship with Katherine has deteriorated and the anguished woman realizes that the Mask is partly responsible.

That night as Stanley sleeps, Katherine throws the Mask away and the next day, Stanley comes to terms with having lost the Mask, as it has truly changed him. Unfortunately, when Katherine learns that Stanley is the masked madman responsible for the gruesome murders, she kicks him out of her house and ends their relationship. However and despite this turn of events, Stanley is far more concerned about recovering the Mask.


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