Mayhem Vol 1 3
Have Gun, Will Use
Part of: Mayhem
Issue number(s): 3
Page count: 12
Writer: John Arcudi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Doug Mahnke
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Cover artist(s): Doug Mahnke
Editor: Mike Richardson
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication date: 1989

Mayhem Issue #3 was first published in June 1989 and contains Have Gun, Will Use, the third part of a four issue story about The Mask. Mayhem Issue #3 also contains stories about Mecha and The Mark.

Plot SummaryEdit

After breaking up and kicking out Stanley Ipkiss from her apartment, Katherine calls a friend and tells her the situation. She also has kept the Mask that she told Stanley that she had thrown away. Just outside on the streets, Stanley digs through the garbage, but when he is unable to find the Mask, he deduces Katherine has kept the thing. When Katherine goes to sleep, Stanley climbs the building and breaks into the apartment through the bathroom window, making loud noises. Katherine awakes and she believes there is a thief inside. After calling the cops, she grabs a lamp and smashes on Stanley's head as he comes out of the bathroom.

Katherine soon recognizes the unconscious Stan, but right then the police arrives at her apartment and she has to convince the officers that her call was due to a misunderstanding with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Stanley recovers and finds the Mask. As Katherine explains the situation to the police, the Mask overhears the thing and threatens her. The officers are forced to go inside, where they are attacked by the Mask. Katherine is shocked at the sight of the thing, but the officers try their best to attack the Mask. Their efforts are futile and they are easily murdered. At that moment, backup arrives, under the instructions of Lieutenant Kellaway, who has made this case a priority, considering the threat and the fact that his mother lives on the same building under attack.

The Mask distracts the police and uses a bazooka to kill many officers, blowing an entire floor of the building. However, Kellaway and his squad soon arrive and corner The Mask on the rooftop of the building. The Masks murders a couple of officers, but Kellaway's squad use all their firepower to eliminate the threat. The Mask is riddled with bullets and falls off the ledge of the building, but he stops his fall before he could crush a police car. The Mask then steals the car, which has a prisoner in the backseat and he drives away, destoying more police cars during his getaway.


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