Mitchell tilton
Mitchell Tilton


Place of birth

Edge City (possibly)


Mayor of Edge City


Ivory Ocean (The Mask (film))
Kevin Michael Richardson (The Mask: The Animated Series)

First appearance

The Mask (film)

Mayor Mitchell Tilton is the mayor of Edge City.

The Mask: The Animated Series Edit

In the animated series, Mayor Tilton is loosely based off his film counterpart. He's portrayed as an egotistical and corrupt politician who is obsessed with keeping Edge City "fluffy" and constantly uses the city's budget for elaborate celebrations like parades and statues of himself. Though not evident in season one, season two reveals that Mayor Tilton is corrupt and self-aggrandizing. In Flight as a Feather, it is revealed that Mayor Tilton blew the entire budget of Edge City on a party for the city's beauty contest winners (to the point that the government offices have no money for basic office supplies) and once dated an exotic dancer named Cookie BaBoom, who crashes his Bavariaville ceremony and threatens to blow herself and the Mayor (to whom she refers as "Mortimer") with two megatons worth of dynamite strapped to her body (which The Mask strips off and makes into a cocktail) because he broke up with her.

Like Lt. Kellaway, he gets furiously annoyed at the Mask's antics when causing problems for him and the city; like turning statues of the mayor into ones of the Mask, including one of the mayor getting an atomic wedgie before giving him one, disrupting important celebrations or deals, or causing pie-throwing contests during city council meetings. But, sometimes he views the Mask as a hero when saving the city or him from any disasters or villains.

Despite his selfishness, Tilton is a person of genuine gratitude, visibly by the fact that he often thanks the Mask for saving the city and frees him from any legal trouble that he causes (much to Kellaway's chagrin).


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