PAL is a one-time character and a minor villain from The Mask: The Animated Series, appearing only in the season two episode, For all Mask-Kind. He was the supercomputer for the space shuttle, Nirusha, when Stanley Ipkiss and astronaut veteran, Gil Headstrong, are being sent into a space mission where Stanley becomes the first average man to go into space.

He secretly shows he has a severe hatred towards humans due to being sick and tired of taking orders from them all the time. He tried killing Stanley and Headstrong in the beginning of their mission by unleashing the oxygen tanks, but the Mask successfully puts one of them back. After the aliens who abducted The Mask and Gil Headstrong plant a doomsday device on the space shuttle to sent it back to Earth to kill all life on the planet, PAL is willing to stop The Mask from stopping the space shuttle and the doomsday device, obviously since the device will kill all humans on Earth and he will be free from theif control for good. But, The Mask, who shrunk inside the shuttle's control to confront PAL, defeats him by placing a powerful computer chip called the V-Chip to shutdown the motherboard, destroying PAL.

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  • PAL is a parody of HAL 9000 from the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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