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Edge City (possibly)



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The Mask (film)

Peggy Brandt is a character from The Mask and she is played by the American actress Amy Yasbeck.

In both the movie and the cartoon, Peggy is a reporter. However, while she betrayed Stanley Ipkiss to Dorian Tyrell in the movie (and was killed in a deleted scene) she plays a main character and is Stanley's best friend in the cartoon.

Peggy is the only other woman in the cartoon to wear the mask besides Evelyn.

Animated series[edit | edit source]

Peggy returns in the animated series as Stanley's friend. She replaces Tina Carlyle in the series and the only one, besides Milo, to know about his secret identity as The Mask. She is a reporter for the "Just For Facts" tabloid newspaper where she writes articles about the recent disasters and events surrounding the Mask and various paranormal and strange characters and villains.

She is obsessed with making it to the big leagues as a big-shot, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and at times, risks her life, and sometimes Stanley's to help her get another scoop for the newspaper, even going as far as releasing any captured villain to make a news report about.

Although she can be cocky, she acts as as an ally to Stanley in helping him defeat any villain who threatens them and Edge City, even giving him info on the current threat and situation that is happening.

In the pilot episode, The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side, Part One, she encounters Stanley about the Mask's failed attempt in stopping the bank robbers with her copy of the Just The Facts newspaper and attempts to reconcile to a briefly angry Stanley over her selling him out to Dorian Tyrell's gangsters, referencing her betrayal in the movie and connecting the TV series' continuity with the film's.

Mask persona[edit | edit source]

Peggy wearing the mask in the series.

As the Mask, Peggy is a vapid and vain woman obsessed with appearance like getting herself a make-over almost constantly to the point she chains the spa to the back of her car and drags it with her in case of an emergency. She also has an English accent and reminds herself constantly that she is beautiful and attractive. Peggy does care about Stanley even telling him that he’s the only one to underrstand her and despite being vain agrees to have her face take off after seeing an ugly eyebrow on a mirror. She wears the same clothes as her unmasked self first but she changes them to a dress with flowers on it with a hat on top of her head. She’s also fussy making sure to get all the kinks out of her back, her toenails not to be cut short and demanding for her hair to be made extra fuffly.

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