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The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 1

Pretorius is the main antagonist from The Mask: The Animated Series. Being the most recurring adversary of The Mask in the cartoon having appeared in all three seasons of the series, he can be considered to be the arch-enemy.


Pretorius is a mad scientist who had his own head removed from his body and placed on tiny, spider-like robotic legs, which it could attach to a larger android body.

His plans always revolved around either obtaining or controlling the Mask (Pretorius is one of the few characters in the series aware of the Mask's true identity), or as part of some increasingly insane "science experiments" which if carried out would result in city or worldwide destruction. He mostly pronounces Stanley Ipkiss's last name as "Ipp-kiss".

In the episode "Sister Mask", Pretorius did eventually gain the mask and as with Dorian Tyrell, he retained his own personality while wearing it (while the mask is said to release one's own inhibitions, those who have no inhibitions seem to retain full conscious control while wearing the Mask, such as the Joker in the DC crossover). Pretorius was also likely a parody of a drug dealer and mob boss Eugene Rapaz from the original comics, as both of them share the same face (though Rapaz wore small, rounded-lens dark glasses while Pretorius had round optic implants that looked similar as well) and he's also named after Doctor Septimus Pretorius from Bride of Frankenstein.

In another episode Shrink Rap, he steals plutonium to put in a nuclear missile to destroy Edge City, so he can take pictures of aliens from another planet that are their ancient ancestors, but is stopped by The Mask and is send to the jailhouse. He meets the psychiatrist Arthur Neuman who is wearing the mask thanks to Stanley who gave it to him, and becomes a deranged, somewhat childish, delusional madman who believes there is a disorder called Ipkissia Maskosis that is causing people to believe The Mask is real and is meeting with him as his appointment. Pretorius sees that he is wearing the mask and points it out to Masked Arthur Neuman who decides that he has the disorder as well, but Pretorius tells him it is utter nonsense and explains to him why is he in the jailhouse, which after hearing his plan, Masked Arthur Neuman tells him that they are right about him and that he is insane, but believing there is an outbreak of Ipkissia Maskosis and thinking that he and Pretorius are not so different from each other, decides to help him with his plan, and gets the police officer to have Pretorius in his custody immediately. After Masked Arthur Neuman frees him and he gets the plutonium back, goes back to finishing his plan, but Masked Arthur Neuman wanted to learn more about his plan, which Pretorius tells him that he has served his purpose, however Masked Arthur Neuman reminds him that he is under his care, so Pretorius tricks him by saying that the cosmos are up ahead and tells him to look up and see, while he takes out a mallet hammer to hit him with, which he does and gets away from him. Pretorius gets to the junkyard where the nuclear missile is, and after putting the plutonium in it, he hears Masked Arthur Neuman again and after dealing with him holding his leg, and begging him to tell him about his plan, decides to give in and tells him that he will tell him about his plan, if he promises to go away, which Masked Arthur Neuman agrees to do that. Pretorius tell him on how he's going to make his plan work and after telling him, both of them see Stanley climbing up the missile, which Pretorius tells Masked Arthur Neuman that he does serve a purpose after all, and tells him to get rid of Stanley, and Masked Arthur Neuman tells him that it is his professional duty. He gets inside the large camera and starts the missile, which is set on a countdown, then presses the button to launch it. After it explodes, (unaware that Stanley has got the mask back and The Mask has swallow the missile up) he gets up and takes the photos out, but sees what has happened and the last one showing The Mask pulling his tongue out at him, which he screams out in anger at his plan being ruined again.

He often says "Mental note" so he remembers to learn from his mistakes after he's foiled or needs to accomplish a task. 


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