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Shrink Rap
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 30. September, 1995
Written by Steve Roberts
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Shrink Rap is the ninth episode of The Mask: The Animated Series.


Stanley rids himself of the mask by giving it to his therapist, Dr. Neuman, who puts it on and becomes a green headed super villain who is psychotic but polite and joins up with Pretorius, who's planning to nuke the city so he can use the flash of the explosion to photograph an alien race's planet though he does agree with everyone else that Pretorius is insane.


The Mask chases Pretorius on a train, which Pretorius is carrying a plutonium with him, and The Mask stops him in the end, but not before pulling wedgies on Kellaway and Doyle. Stanley talks to Dr. Neuman about last night remembering the memories of that he was singing with his hands full of plutionium, that he wretched his back during the limbo and didn't get any sleep last night because of The Mask partying till dawn again, but he admits that he saved the city, even though The Mask gave the entire police squad wedgies, while Dr. Neuman is distracted doing crosswords, but he asks Stanley did he just say Wedgies? Stanley tells him that he wouldn't mind giving the mask away, but there's no one he trusts it with, and Dr. Neuman tells him that he finds his fantasies intriguing and he recommends to him that he visits a safe haven for them. Stanley asks him does he not believe that The Mask is real, and he tells him that he'll believe him if he promises to go away which Stanley asks him if he thinks he's crazy and Dr. Neuman tells him that he doesn't think he is crazy and that he is making it all up because he enjoys annoying him, so he tells him to leave which he does. Stanley decides to prove to him that The Mask is real and a phone rings which Dr. Neuman answers it and is asked to examine a criminally insane prisoner which he tells them on the other end of the phone that after dealing with Stanley, it will be a relief and seven o clock in the evening is fine for him. Stanley puts on the mask and The Mask jumps out of the apartment to show himself to prove Stanley is right, but however several things got in the way like cement from a trucj which froze him solid when he was about to blow a horn on Dr. Neuman and he goes on the Maskmoblie to run alongside the train where Dr. Neuman is in which he starts to make a scene to get his attention, but however another came through and run him over which Dr. Neuman missies the chance to see him, and Milo comes over and puts a frisbee on him to cheer him up, but it does not work. The Mask sees Dr. Neuman coming out of the train station and is about to show himself to Dr. Neuman that he is real, but Kellaway passes by and insulted him, so The Mask decides to pull wedgies on him and the police officer next to him, which he goes in a whirlwind and being chased by them. Dr. Neuman returns to his home and The Mask decides to give up, so he takes his face off, and Stanley rushes over to Dr. Neuman begging him to take the mask, telling him that he is the only one he can trust with it, which Dr. Neuman meets Milo who growls at and tells Stanley that he afraid of dogs, so Stanley keeps him back while Dr. Neuman agrees to take the mask so as long he takes his dog and go away. Stanley is happy to be rid of the mask, but Milo shows him with a frisbee what'll happen if Dr. Neuman put it on, which Stanley laughs it off and tells Milo he'll never put it on. But Milo is right as Dr. Neuman saw the mask glowing so out of curiosity and temptation, he puts it close to him which it then wraps itself around his head, and does the whirlwind which lighting comes out of it, and Masked Dr. Neuman comes out with having glasses along with having a hair that is straight up, a yellow coat, a red and black bow tie, blue trousers and sneakers. Stanley does start to think what if he did put it on and he gets his answer as Masked Dr. Neuman crashes out of the fence riding on a child bicycle, and when he sees Stanley, pops his eyes out which are attached by springs, and he puts him on a therapy couch and puts himself on a chair, then asks Stanley why does he insist on annoying him, and he pops his eyes out with springs attached out again, and Stanley in shock and horror asks him if he's wearing the mask, which Masked Dr. Neuman tells him that his fantasies about the mask aren't just hallucinations, but they are also feelings of persecution, transference and denial, but he changes his voice from deep to high-pitched and popped his eyes with springs attached out a third time, which shows Masked Dr. Neuman to be the one in denial as he is delusional, psychotic and genuinely insane. Masked Dr. Neuman tells him in short that he is suffering from a disorder he calls Ipkissia Maskosis, so for his own safety he must be straitjacketed, which he uses Stanley's pants to make one while saying wedgie with a goofy smile on his face, then he tells him that he must get him to a safe haven at once which he puts him in a birdcage. Masked Dr. Neuman tells him that he thinks there must others like him, so he must cure the world before it's too late, while he is checking his watch to see that his appointment time is not there yet and bounces his head on the pavement to get going. Milo comes out of hiding and Stanley tells him that he is right, so Milo gets a box to climb on, frees Stanley, but ends up getting stuck with him. But Stanley decides there is no time for that as they must find Masked Dr. Neuman. Masked Dr. Neuman uses a wedgie straitjacket on a boy because of a costume he is in, which the boy's mom hits him on the head several time so Masked Dr. Neuman thinks she has the disorder as well, but due to being a gentleman puts her in a cage instead of doing another wedgie straitjacket on her, then he flies on a book while thinking on ways of how to get rid of the disorder, which he ends up in a zoo and sees a gorilla eating a banana, so he thinks the animal has the disorder as well, so after the gorilla roars at him, Masked Dr. Neuman goes inside the cage, wrestles the animal and takes diapers out to make a wedgie straitjacket on the animal then he bounces his head again and meets Charlie Schumaker at the entrance of the Edge City Bank and he puts him to rorschach tests, telling Charlie to look at them and tell him what he sees, which he replies babe to all of them, and it made Masked Dr. Neuman very happy for a moment, but then Charlie sees his green-head and says The Mask, which causes him to be disappointed with him for that and also think he has got the disorder as well. Charlie hears the name of it and asks him it it's related to his friend which Masked Dr. Neuman asks him does he know him which he said yes since he is a pal of his. It got Masked Dr. Neuman angry for the first time as he stretches his neck up high, blows steams out of his ears and tells Charlie he did not report him to the proper authority in a high pitched voice, so he gets out a medical tool saying this calls for medical corrective treatment and Charlie asks him what does he have in mind which he tells him he is going to remove his brain and Charlie screams at what is about to happen. But the alarm on Masked Dr. Neuman's watch goes off, so he decides to go to his appointment and do another session, which he puts Charlie in another wedgie straitjacket, then in a cage, and uses a bouncy stick to get to the jailhouse while smiling like a real lunatic. Stanley meets Charlie who told him what happened and Stanley covers it up by saying The Mask has got rabies from Milo, which he asks Charlie where Masked Dr. Neuman has gone to and he tells him that he went to the jailhouse, so he tells Charlie to release him his wedgie straitjacket, so he can get there to stop him. Masked Dr. Neuman comes inside the jailhouse and tells female police officer that he is here to examine a prisoner which she taken aback by his green head and deep voice, so she asks him if he is Dr. Neuman and he tells her yes. She tells him that she is going to double check on his clearance, but he stops her from picking up the phone, then grabs her by the tie, and warns her not to mess with him as he is a licensed psychotherapist, so she tells her where his appointment is and he lets her go. Masked Dr. Neuman meets Pretorius and gets told by him that he is wearing the mask, which causes him to think that he has the disorder as well, but Pretorius tells him it is utter nonsense and explains to him why he is put in the cell, as he discovers an alien planet which their ancestors come from and that the only way to get proof is the destruction of Edge City. Masked Dr. Neuman writes it all down on his notepad and admits that they were right about Pretorius as he is completely insane, but he thinks they are not so different from each other which he tells him that and the world belongs to them them, and that his plan might be the only way to get ride of the disorder, so he pushes his head through the jailbars and tells the police officer nearby that he demands to have Pretorius to be in his custody immediately. After going through protocols to have him released and getting him into his custody, Masked Dr. Neuman tells Pretorius that he wants to know more about his plan, but he refuses so Masked Dr. Neuman reminds him that he is under his care, so Pretorius tircks him and gets a mallet hammer out of his pocket to his him with and leaves him behind. Masked Dr. Neuman sees him leaving and goes after him wanting to learn more about his plan, while Stanley and Milo see him and they both go after him. Pretorius goes to a junkyard, uses a remote to bring out a missile, climbs up on the ladder, puts the plutonium inside the top of the missile, then gets greeted by Masked Dr. Neuman who still wants to learn more about his plan, so Pretorius decides to tell him all about it as long he goes away, which Masked Dr. Neuman agrees to do that and walks alongside him, while Stanley and Milo see him working together with Pretorius. Pretorius explains to Masked Dr. Neuman that the missile will destroy Edge City, but it will cause a flash explosion with a giant camera that will take a picture of the aliens from another planet which Masked Dr. Neuman gets overjoyed and excited at the fact that it will get rid of Ipkissia Maskosis once and for all. Stanley sees just how insane Masked Dr. Neuman is and decides to go to the missile to stop it from lunching, but both Pretorius and Masked Dr. Neuman see him and Masked Dr. Neuman growls at the sight of him and gets Pretorius to take care of him, and Masked Dr. Neuman agrees to do that, saying it is his professional duty. Pretorius goes inside the camera to get the missile started and Masked Dr. Neuman goes after Stanley, trying to kill him with a mallet hammer, a chainsaw and trying get him to fall to his death with a large stick, but Stanley manages to hold on to the edge of the building they are on. Masked Dr. Neuman decides to put an end to him by using an electric wire to kill him with, taking sadistic pleasure in what he's about to do, but Stanley uses quick thinking twice such as trying to trick him by saying that he has the disorder which it does not work since Masked Dr. Neuman is a trained psychotherapist insane or not, so Stanley manages to trick him by saying his fly is open, which Masked Dr. Neuman looks at it and Milo bites on his bottoms, which Masked Dr. Neuman tries to kill him but ends up electric himself instead and ends up exploding into fireworks, then ends up on the ground which his face comes off Dr. Neuman. Milo throws the mask to Stanley and Pretorius launches the missile at the same time as Stanley puts on the mask and The Mask comes out just as it lunches into the air. The Mask holds on to the missile and tries to cut all the wires inside the missile, but it does not work, so he decides to turn it into a sandwich, rockets down to the ground, opens his mouth wide and breaking the fourth wall tells the audience that they are right as he is going to eat it. The Mask swallows the missile which it then explodes inside him, though he admits that he should have left out the green peppers. Pretorius gets pictures, but of The Mask instead which the last one shows him pulling his tongue out that causes Pretorius to scream out in rage at being foiled again by him. The Mask though he has the chance to show himself to Dr. Neuman decides it's not worth going over to him since he knows just how dangerous Dr. Neuman really is when he has the mask on, so he takes his face off. Stanley calls out to Dr. Neuman asking does he believe that The Mask is real now, but sees him gets distracted by his of dogs as Milo growls at him, so Stanley also decide that it's not worth proving to that The Mask is real and decides to play frisbee with Milo instead in the end.



  • When Dr. Neuman puts the mask on, he still composed himself most of the time along with keeping himself in control despite becoming genuinely insane, psychotic and cartoonish, as the first thing he does is put Stanley in a mock therapy session instead of killing him, and just asks him why does he insist on annoying him, which he puts him in a wedgie straitjacket then does the same thing with anyone else that he thinks has a disorder that he calls Ipkissia Maskosis.
  • The mask (the artifact) shows that it prefers to be good and funny instead of evil, as it did not remove Dr. Neuman's fear of dogs as it usually does with those who wear it, showing that it cares about Stanley and loves him very much, along with wanting to keep everyone else safe and protected in Edge City, unlike most of its wearers.
  • Masked Dr. Neuman still takes himself seriously unlike most mask personas as he still thinks the mask (the artifact) does not work, and believes that a disorder called Ipkissia Maskosis is causing everyone to believe The Mask is real, even though he gets told by Stanley that he is wearing the mask, which he denies it, but clearly proved Stanley right as he pops his eyes out on springs and making his voice high-pitched as he tells Stanley that he is suffering from persecution, transference and denial, even though that he is the one who is, as Stanley points out to him.
  • Masked Dr. Neuman takes his job very seriously, as he decides to go to the jailhouse to meet his appointment instead of doing lobotomy on Charlie, and at the police station, greets the police officer politely despite his green head and deep voice setting her back, even gives her a stern warning and remind her that he is a psychotherapist, which he lets her go after she tells him where his appointment is, actually agreeing that Pretorius is insane after hearing his plan, but decides to help him with destroying Edge City and team up with him, but he does it through protocols instead of using his powers and abilities to break him out. He also makes sure to stay with him at all times and when Pretorius refuses to tell him about his plan, he reminds him that he is in his care, which gets Pretorius to trick him to get away from him. He also shows that he is not stupid, as Stanley tries to trick him by using reverse psychology by saying that he has got Ipkissia Maskosis, but it doesn't work as Masked Dr. Neuman is trained not to fall for that, as he points it out to him.