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Stanley Ipkiss (aka The Mask) is one of the main protagonists from The Mask Comic in 1991 and the main protagonist in 1994 film and the Animated Series.

Stanley's job in the comic was never revealed, but in the film, he's a bank teller.

In the film, Stanley is played by the Canadian actor Jim Carrey. In the animated series, he's voiced by Rob Paulsen.

In the comic series, he is more of minor character and has a much different temperament.


The Mask (film 1994)

Stanley Ipkiss is a shy, immature, and unlucky bank clerk working at the local Edge City bank. He is frequently ridiculed by everyone around him, except for his Jack Russell Terrier Milo, and his co-worker and best friend Charlie Schumaker. Meanwhile, gangster Dorian Tyrell, owner of the Coco Bongo nightclub, plots to overthrow his boss Niko. One day, Tyrell sends his beautiful, songbird girlfriend Tina Carlyle into Stanley's bank to record its layout, in preparation to rob the bank.

Stanley becomes attracted to Tina Carlyle and falling in love with her at first sight and she seems to reciprocate. After being denied entrance to the Coco Bongo, he finds a wooden mask near the city's harbour after mistaken it for someone down there and when spotted by a policeman, lies saying that it is his mask. He returns to his apartment building and when back inside his apartment puts the mask close to his face, which it starts to wrap itself around him, and he notices it glowing, so he decides to put it close to him again. Placing it on his face transforms him into a zoot-suited, green-faced, bizarre trickster known as the Mask, who is able to cartoonishly alter himself and his surroundings at will. The Mask goes out of the apartment, which he tries to creep down the hallway to avoid Mrs Peenman, then an alarm clock starts ringing out of his pocket and bouncing around, which The Mask takes out a mallet hammer out of his pocket to stop it ringing and he manages to smash it to pieces, but Mrs Peenman comes out and upon seeing each other in first sight, ends with the landlady screaming loudly and The Mask poking his eyeballs out and goes wild with them going around.

Mrs Peenman then takes out a shotgun and The Mask starts jumping up and down to avoid the shots, which he jumps out of a window and flattened himself on the ground, which he breaks the fourth wall and after getting up , which he gets himself back into shape, a car driver horns at him and he takes out his little horn blower which emitted a loud sound which shatters the windows of the car and leaving the driver in shock and disbelief. He then scares off a street gang that attempted to rob him by turning a balloon into a Tommy gun, and then he exacts revenge on Stanley's tormentors.

The next morning, Stanley encounters detective Lieutenant Kellaway and newspaper reporter Peggy Brandt investigating the Mask's activity of the previous night. To attend Tina's performance, he again becomes The Mask to raid the bank, inadvertently foiling Tyrell's plan in the process. At the Coco Bongo, The Mask becomes attracted to Tina and starts to fall in love with her at first sight like Stanley did, and he dances exuberantly with Tina, whom he ends up kissing. Following a confrontation with Tyrell, The Mask flees leaving behind a scrap of cloth from his suit that transforms back into Stanley's pajamas, while Tyrell is arrested by the police as a suspect for the bank robbery.

Based on the shred of cloth, Kellaway suspects Stanley to be the bank robber. Stanley later consults an expert on masks named Arthur Neuman, who tells him that the object is a depiction of Loki, the Norse god of darkness and mischief. The same night, Stanley transforms into The Mask and meets Tina at the local Landfill Park, which does not go well at first due to him being too strong towards her, but he manages to make up for it with his charm personality and his sweet nature, which got her to see what a kind and polite gentleman he really is.

They were about to kiss each other, but then the meeting ends up being interrupted by Kellaway, who attempts to arrest him. The Mask tricks a large group of police officers into joining him in a mass-performance of the Desi Arnaz song "Cuban Pete", The Mask manages to get away from them and he takes off his face and Stanley flees with Peggy, but she betrays him to Tyrell for a $50,000 bounty. Tyrell tries on the mask and becomes a malevolent green-faced monster. Forced to reveal the location of the stolen money, Stanley is kept hostage in one of the mob's cars while Tyrell's henchmen reclaim the money, and is later given to Kellaway, along with a rubber green mask, to be detained.

When Tina visits the despondent Stanley in his cell, he urges her to flee the city. Tina thanks Stanley for treating her with respect and tells him that she knew that he was the Mask all along. She attempts to leave the city, but is captured by Tyrell's enforcer Orlando and taken to a charity ball at the Coco Bongo hosted by Niko and attended by the city's elite, including Mayor Mitchell Tilton. Upon arrival, the masked Tyrell kills Niko and prepares to destroy both the club and Tina. Milo helps Stanley escape from his cell, and Stanley brings Kellaway as a cover and hostage in a desperate attempt to stop Tyrell.

After securing Charlie's assistance, Stanley is spotted and captured. Tina tricks Tyrell into taking off the mask, which is recovered and donned by Milo, turning the dog into a cartoonish pitbull who defeats Tyrell's men, while Stanley fights Tyrell himself. After recovering the mask, Stanley puts on the mask and The Mask uses his abilities to save Tina by swallowing Tyrell's bomb and flushing Tyrell down the drain of the club's ornamental fountain.

The police arrive and arrest Tyrell's remaining henchmen, while Kellaway attempts to arrest Stanley once again. Tilton arrives and debunks Kellaway's statements, announcing to everyone that Tyrell was The Mask all throughout. He then goes on to thank Stanley for saving lives and having Stanley free to go, then Tilton then tells Kellaway that he needs to have a serious meeting with him in the morning and all charges against Stanley are dropped. As the sun rises the following day, Stanley, Tina, Milo, and Charlie take the mask back down to the harbor. Stanley asks Tina if she is sure she isn't going to miss his other persona, but Tina throws the mask into the water, and she and Stanley kiss. Charlie attempts to retrieve the mask for himself, only to find Milo swimming away with it.

Animated Series

Set after the events of the film, Stanley finds the mask again and this time decided to keep it, partly so that it does not end up in someone else's hands and mostly because so he can use it to be a superhero which presumably leads to Tina to break up with him. Stanley then struggles to find any girls to be with which usually ends up not getting them thanks to either his alter-ego The Mask or his enemies, but does get lucky eventually thanks to his sweet and kind nature. The Mask is a cartoonish, mischievous, good-hearted, brave and heroic man, who does his job as a protector and the hero of Edge City, but is very quirky and childish as he tends to have a short-attention span distracted by the sights of girls he sees in plain sight or trivial things. Though he does get himself back on track eventually and like Stanley does not get any luck with any girls he meets mostly because of him being too strong or partly because of his enemies, but he does get luck on his side as well thanks to being a nice, polite, kind, charming and well-mannered gentleman. Stanley and The Mask do not get along well at first, because of their differences such as Stanley being too shy and a doormat, and The Mask being foolish and too strong towards any woman he sees at first sight, but eventually over time they get along better with Stanley no longer uncomfortable of putting on the Mask of Loki, and The Mask helping keeping the apartment clean and tidy, even at one point, bringing all the stuff that was stolen back to the apartment, knowing Stanley would want them back. Stanley does not have a good reception with the public, his bank workers and the police in Edge City, even getting disrespected by them and being taken advantage of at times. The Mask though has a good reception with the public, and is well-liked and loved by them, along with being friends to children as well, but he has uneasy relations with most of the police because of his chaotic and wild nature and their ways of keeping things in order. However The Mask does like some members of the police like Doyle and despite causing trouble for them at times, does respect them deep down, as he does save them along with the rest of the people in Edge City from time to time. The Mask shows that he can control his wild, uncontrollable, chaotic nature as he disguises himself as Dr. Neuman when he was infiltrating a meeting of his rogues gallery and he copied his voice, mannerisms and height perfectly the whole time until the real one calls, and he reveals himself to them, which he also does it again, by disguising himself as Stanley after being cured from his anti-ageing cream which he copied his voice and mannerisms once again, doing it to troll Peggy. He also hinted that he disguises himself as Stanley sometimes as he took his hat off at the sight of the bank and he says he does not have enough of the place, which also shows that The Mask is a humble man who loves doing mundane things and just thinks of himself as a harmless madman instead of a god, as he got bored of listening to a tribe that was worshipping him going on about it, as he wanted to have fun instead of being interested in what they have to say about him. The Mask actually shows himself to be a responsible parent figure, when he babysits Baby Forthwright, to the point that when questioned by Lonnie the Shark on who is he, he surprisingly doesn't say his name to him, only telling him that he is the babysitter and he doesn't want to mess with the babysitter, while he takes out large guns in the open, which are probably filled with Bang Flags as a bluff, and even turns around to save him from falling to his death, when Lonnie drops him to slow him down, then later on does it again, as he as usual got distracted when he sees a waterbowl to go into and dives in it, while Baby was in danger from oncoming vehicles, but remembers to look after him when he saw a truck coming to his way, and after avoiding hitting a woman walking on a crossing, mentions baby, and remembers Baby Forthwright, which he stretches his neck up high and sees Baby in a construction site who he sees is in danger once again, then rescues him and even turns his diapers into a parachute when a wrecking ball comes towards them, while he gets hit by it, knowing that he will be safe from it due to his cartoonish nature and immunity, and in the end manages to keep him safe from harm, showing how much love and care the Mask has for Baby Forthwright. It is implied that Stanley lets The Mask be out for a while, as the Mask doesn't take his face off at the end of the night at times, showing that Stanley has made a deal with the Mask as in letting the Mask go out and do his own things, as long as he agrees to take his face off to let him out, which the Mask is possibly comfortable with that, as he can party around and have fun for much longer than he usually does. It turns out that the night Stanley found the Mask of Loki was his birthday, as The Mask considers Stanley's birthday to be his own birthday as he invites anyone he knows the longest to a cruise, so that Stanley can enjoy a wonderful birthday party. Stanley also has to deal with people who wear the mask either by accident or intentionally, such as Evelyn putting it on by accident when she opened the closet and loses her glasses which she finds them, but they were attached to the mask and becomes a tall, red-dressed woman called Eve who is pretty much like The Mask crazy, wacky, but a good-hearted woman, which Stanley decides to take her face off after she tells him to say save the world in french again when he tells her to stop that meteor from destroying Earth, and later on gives the mask to Arthur Neuman after The Mask fails to prove to him that he exists, which after Stanley does it, Dr. Neuman sees the mask glowing and puts it on, which he becomes a psychotic, delusional, crazy madman who is polite, childish and professional to people and goes on a rampage which he puts Stanley and anyone else he sees that he thinks has a disorder called Ipkissia Maskosis that causes people to think The Mask is real in wedgie straitjackets and teams up with Pretorius to destroy Edge City in a delusional attempt to save everyone from the disorder and tries to kill Stanley when he sees him trying to stop that from happening, but through quick thinking and luck, Stanley manages to defeat Masked Dr. Neuman and puts the mask back on, which The Mask saves Edge City from being destroyed by swallowing the nuclear missile inside him, then later on the mask gets broken in half by Walter while Stanley was keeping it in his pocket and thinks the mask wouldn't work if it's broken, but when he puts the half on, it does work still, although it only does half the transformation and causes both Stanley and The Mask to exist at the same time, which The Mask takes him out to see movies, go out on a surf and was planning to teach him how to dance at the Coco Bongo, only to find out that Chet Bozzack has the other half of the mask and put it on, that causes Stanley and The Mask to confront him and his masked self at their old high school place, and both of them have the advantages of experience, skills and teamwork to have the upper hand over them, but Walter comes back and takes the other half off Chet, which before Stanley takes The Mask's face off, The Mask admits that he cares about him and loves him like a little brother, along with really wanting to teach him how to dance at the Coco Bongo and one last thing he also wanted to do was to pull a wedgie on Stanley which he does and Stanley takes his face off, and puts both halves of the mask back together again.


In the The Mask comic, he bought The Mask in an antique shop as a gift for his girlfriend Katherine. Late that evening, he travels to the bathroom only to see The Mask on the toilet seat, thinking Kathy put it there to scare him, he puts it on to scare her back. But the moment it touches him, it attaches to his face and extends to the back of his head. Transforming him into the first Big-Head, he then goes on to cause chaos in Edge City, killing a biker gang who assaulted him when he was buying The Mask, his old grade school teacher who embarrassed him as a kid, a group of mechanics at a muffler shop, and a guy who owed him 60 bucks.

The Mask takes an emotional toll on Ipkiss, he becomes a bit more abusive to Kathy and values The Mask over Kathy. His murders attract the attention of the police, who attempt to hunt him down. It climaxes when Stanley breaks in Kathy’s apartment to retrieve The Mask after he was kicked out. While he enters through the window of the apartment, the window hits Stan’s back, resulting in him screaming in pain. Kathy hears his scream and calls the police, thinking he was a burglar. She then smashes a lamp on Stan’s head, now realizing that Stan broke into her apartment. The cops finally arrive, and Kathy tries to get rid of them by saying it she called them falsely. However, Stan puts on The Mask, and tells the cops to get out of the house.

The cops are weirded out, but Kathy says that it was just Stan. While one of the cops has a look, he gets a lamp smashed on his head, he then smashes more lamps on more cops’ heads. And also kills one of them by shooting them

Meanwhile, more cops arrive. And Big Head disguises as an old lady and tells them where all the chaos is occurring. However, one of the cops noticed that the old lady had a beer, Big Head rips off his disguise, pulls out a bazooka, and blows up the cops

He then goes on to trick the cops by shooting another cop, thinking that the cop they shoot was Big Head in disguise. One of the cops realize that the sergeant was still alive, even though he was blown up by the bazooka. It was revealed that it was Big Head in disguise, he slaps the other cops and runs away. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Kellaway is alerted about Big Head, and is told that he isn’t going to be easy to catch. He then responds that he came prepared, meanwhile. At the rooftop of the apartment, the cops are attempting to find Big Head, while Big Head uses his reality breaking powers to kill all of them. Kellaway arrives with an army of cops, he then orders them to shoot Big Head, he falls off the building but decelerates in mid air and lands safely on a car

He then takes the car on a joyride, blowing up a truck, breaking through a convenience store, shooting a cop while driving which causes a car crash, and then purposely crashing the car. He then appears on the top of the car where Kellaway, and his partner, Lionel, where. He smashes an axe on the car, but they stop at a road block. Big Head appears, whipping out miniguns and flamethrowers on killing everyone. Both cops and civilians, He then disappears by going through the sewers, and the chaos finally stops

He then emerges from the sewers, and encounters a cop. He kills him by pulling out an uzi snd shooting the cop in the crotch. Stanley then arrives home, and decides to skip town. When Kathy sneakily grabs The Mask, puts it on, and shoots Stanley at the back, killing him.


Film/Animated series

Stanley is a shy, immature, meekish, and good-hearted person who is usually unlucky and mistreated by people around him. He is the workhorse and victim of other people's selfish demands and harshness from his co-workers, neighbors and so-called friends like one of his best friends, Charlie Schumaker and his cranky landlady, Mrs. Peenman. Though with the help of the mask, he usually gets his own back.

Stanley hopes of one day finding the perfect girlfriend, but just like his Mask-persona, he's unlucky of getting one as a crazy event, usually involving the Mask and his enemies, ruins a date between him and his girlfriend. Though like his Mask-persona, he does get some luck on his side because due to being a sweet and nice guy, he gets the girls to be with him. He gets annoyed by The Mask's wackiness and antics, even getting rid of the Mask of Loki several times at first, even at one point giving it to Arthur Neuman which turns out to be a big mistake as he put it on and became a psychotic, delusional, cartoonish and polite madman which Stanley have to stop him from destroying Edge City when he teamed up with Pretorius to do so, but overtime he starts to genuinely care about The Mask and starts to love him like he is his little brother, which eventually gets him to stop throwing the Mask of Loki away, partly because he needed its help to get him out of situations he was in, but mostly because like The Mask, he doesn't want The Mask not to exist forever. He is one of the few people in Edge City with common sense, as he gets annoyed by the people's idiocy, jerkiness, or being cowards. He can be brave at times, because thanks to the Mask of Loki's influence, he can tell people off when he needs to. He also cares about Milo and love him like he is his own kid, to the point that he trusts him to put the Mask of Loki away somewhere where he can never find it, and doesn't like it when his dog is hurt, which is one of the few things his mask persona agrees with him on.


Stanley appears normal but is actually suppressing very violent thoughts. He has festered intense grudges towards people over the smallest offense. After donning the mask, he begins to become more unstable and craves the mask, breaking in his ex-girlfriend's apartment to get it. He also doesn’t just kill the people whom he hates, but just anyone in general.

Mask Personality

Film/Animated Series

Ipkiss' Mask persona is a zoot-suited, green-faced, grinning, bizarre, wacky trickster with an energetic, hyperactive, zany, and wild personality who possesses powers with cartoonish, Tex Avery-style movements and humor. His famous catchphrases are "SssssMOKIN'!!" and "Somebody Stop Me!".

He has a short-attention span as he forgets about the most important tasks like defeating the bad guys and goes off on doing fun activities. In the TV Series' pilot episode, The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 1, Mask successfully captures the robbers stealing from Edge City Savings, but forgets to tie them up for the cops as he is concern on finding Matilda, the security guard Stanley/Mask has a crush on, who run when scared by Mask when he came to stop the robbers, leaving the robbers to run off with the money.

The Mask has an ego at times as he loves being the center of attention. He is sometimes viewed as a beloved celebrity in Edge City by the public, an excellent dancer and a gentleman who attracts the ladies during parties at the Coco Bongo or casinos. He is respected and liked by some members of the police department like Doyle. He's a showoff when wanting to be the top best dancer or winner of any contests. He will try to get people's attention if they want to or not such as in the episode, Goin' for the Green, Mayor Tilton passed an Anti-Mask campaign after Mask humiliates him at the beginning of the episode and Mask tries to grab the people's attention, but failed. But The Mask shows himself to be a lot more sane than he appears to be which is shown at the later part of the same episode such as he continues to get everyone's attention, but to warn them about the giant swamp monster, created by Colonel Klaxon, attacking the city, but they continue to ignore him which got him very annoyed at them being idiots, and he also snarks at anyone who are either idiots, jerks or cowards such as Kellaway who is obsessed with taking him in, even though there are bigger things to worry about than him, Doyle who is laidback and dim, and Mayor Titon who is a wimp, while The Mask is the one who is doing a job of keeping everyone safe and protected.

The Mask is brave and heroic, as he saves the people many times, and facing enemies, while being confident and uses his superhuman intelligence and his powers and abilities to defeat them. His bravery is shown as during the time Stanley gets a cold and when he discover that the cold will kill him and Stanley, he decides to take his face off to save both of them despite that he will become a lifeless object once again.

Though brave and confident, The Mask does show that he can become nervous and afraid, as when he faces Walter, he discovers that he is immune to his wackiness, his antics and his powers and abilities, which makes him to be the only one that the Mask is genuinely scared of to the point that the Mask uses anything possible to get him far away as possible so that he does not face him in a direct battle.

Despite his chaotic nature, the Mask does have a good-heart, since he is Stanley Ipkiss's persona. At the end of each episode, he does do the right thing of defeating the villains and saving the city and other people when they're in danger. For example, in The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side Part 2, when the Pretorius-controlled, walking House of Tomorrow was about to hit the Children's Hospital, Mask is shocked at it and went in to make the House to slip on a roller-skate and run off to the harbour, away from the hospital, saving it. He also will protect any children who are with him at all times, along with keeping them safe as well.

It also shows that Mask does care about children. In the episode, Sister Mask, the Mask does show he has morals on what is good and evil. When mind-controlled by Pretorius as a puppet, he is unwillingly forced to steal a variable meteorite fragment from a military base and attack the army who's trying to stop them, the Mask tries to stop it as he truly doesn't want to hurt or kill anyone and wants to use Mask of Loki for good instead of evil. In the animated series, the Mask follows the same personality as before in the film such as being a genuine troublemaker who is chaotic and wild, but harmless as well.

The Mask is also adorable as he gets all loving around his dog playing words with his mouth. He also loves superhero comic books as well, which makes him a big fan of them very much. He can be childish and immature when he refuses to take his face off which gets his friends to remind him what will happen if he does not so he agrees in the end to do it, but he does have his moments of being a responsible adult, when he's on an important job which involves innocent lives or about himself such as his existence is at risk, or being a babysitter to children, and doing his job as a superhero to save people from danger.

His favourite hobbies are dancing and partying at the various parties and clubs like the Coco Bongo, one of his favourite places in the world, eating large quantities of food, watching action movies like the Mad Monkey or Rampaging Reptiles film franchises and harassing and pulling crazy antics on various villains and people who provoke him or torments Stanley, like giving them atomic wedgies, which is one of the running gags in the cartoon series.

Despite being all wild and chaotic, The Mask is hygienic, as he washes himself up with a shower, when he got sneezed on by Peggy, he keeps the apartment all clean and tidy, as he puts them all back in order after his whirlwinds causes them to go everywhere, he also keeps himself all sharp, stylish, tidy and nice as at one time when there was a meteor coming down to Earth, and he could not work out ways of how to stop it, he decides be prepared for the end and he goes to the bathroom, which he straightens his tie, cuts the nostrils in his nose with scissors, brushes his big white buck teeth, and sprays his armpits. He also likes to keep things all fixed up, as when he notices a tapping in the pipe of his sink, he admits he never did get the chance to have that fixed, which is then he gets an idea from it.

He can be too strong towards any girls he meets at first sight because of his lack of inhibitions, but he does have self-control, as he respects their private boundaries, and he does make up for it by being a sweet, polite, well-mannered, nice, kind gentleman to them, which gets them to be attracted to him.

He is also smart and clever as well, despite his insanity, as he disguises himself as Dr. Arthur Neuman to attend a meeting of his rogues gallery, with him copying his mannerisms, his height and his voice perfectly to the point that they were fooled by him, until the real one calls do they find out, but he defeats them in a few seconds. He does it again by disguising himself as Stanley to troll Peggy after being cured from his anti-ageing cream, with him copying his voice and mannerisms perfectly again, only to reveal himself to show Peggy that she is tricked by him.

The Mask sometimes cause grief and stress to Stanley due to his trouble-making, like using his credit cards to buy expensive products like a new wide-screen TV or large amounts of pizza, getting into chases with the police and making them suspicious about his true identity and forgetting to stop the bad guys and go off on doing something that is fun for him, but he does genuinely care about Stanley and loves him like a little brother such as getting revenge on those who bullied him and protecting him as the first thing he does when coming out along with the time when they both existed at the same time, they were both tied to a saw machine which The Mask frees himself from it and also saving Stanley from getting killed by it as well. He also admitted that he always to pull a wedgie on Stanley which he got the chance to do it just before Stanley took his face off, but even before that he also admitted that he always wanted to teach Stanley how to dance at the Coco Bongo and took him out to see a movie and going out on a surf with him as well.

The Mask can be modest and selfless as he lives in Stanley's apartment instead of living in a house that would be more to his style and though despite doing his hobbies first, does do his job as a superhero still even after doing his usual hobbies. He also sees himself as a ordinary madman instead of a god as he got bored listening to a tribe going on about him being a god while he was staying on the island with them.

The Mask is also honest and has a sense of honor, as he always keeps his word to keep people safe and protected, as he always forgoes his usual hobbies to help them, and always gives people the answers they want to hear, though not always as he does tell people the things they need to hear, even if they do not like it, though he does regret having to do that, but he is aware that the answer they want is not the same as need.

The Mask has a sense of duty and obligation, despite his laziness as when he learns that Chet Bozzack has half of his face, he decides to go after him partly so he can get revenge on him for bullying Stanley, but mostly because he shares the same knowledge as Stanley from those who have worn the mask like Dorian Tyrell and Arthur Neuman which the former becomes a demonic deep-voiced being and the latter becomes a delusional, psychotic, clownish psychotherapist. So he decides to make it his duty to deal with those who like him and especially if they are evil as he is the only one who can fight them equally and having the skills and experience to go with it.

The Mask also cares about animals and all living things, as he frees a cradle of lobsters who were about to be served up as food and like Stanley, also cares about Milo and loves him like he is his own kid as well, to the point if he went missing, The Mask goes on looking for him instead of doing his usual things and doesn't like it when Milo gets hurt which is one of the few things he agrees with Stanley on, and he also relays on Milo to help him at times as well in situations that even he can't handle, showing how much he trusts Milo to help him with.

The Mask has a crush on Peggy Brandt, but like a well-mannered gentleman, respects her feelings to the point that he is all right just being friends with her, to the point that he gets along well with her due to their similar personalties and unlike Stanley who didn't forgive her at first for selling him out to Dorian Tryell and his gang, The Mask easily forgives her because he can see how sorry she feels about it, showing how very forgiving The Mask can be with those who do show remorse for what they have done.

The Mask can be loud and very overdramatic at times as he reacts to minor things that happens to him with horror which even Pretorius admits that while The Mask was dying from the common cold and being all dramatic about it, but while in Stanley's apartment the Mask can be normal voiced and keeps his voice down while inside the apartment as he respects the neighbours private's personal quietness and sings in the shower at normal tones instead of doing it loudly, even though that got Mrs Peenman to tell him off for just doing that and he goes over to her apartment to put loud rock music on her, but does it through headphones to put them on her, so he wouldn't disturb the neighbours, showing how very respectful the Mask really is while living to people next door to him.

The Mask is creative and smart as he uses his insane mind and creativity to stop the supervillains and criminals attacking Edge City and it works with success all of the time and is aware that he is insane, but is proud of being one, though he prefers having fun, going out with his friends and partying at the Coco Bongo instead of causing harmful chaos which he hates with passion.

Though he likes to party and having fun, the Mask does get himself involved in politics as he run for mayor at one point which he surprisingly manages to get himself on top despite what people think of him even with Mrs Peenman mostly because of the parking meters being placed at her apartment building which the Mask plans to get rid of and he even became assistant to the President of the United States, which he gives out pretty good advice to him, showing how much of a good adviser the Mask can be despite his weird and bizarre nature, but he does end up getting fired after getting caught doing something illegal. The Mask also respects the laws and rules as he got himself in trouble with the Marines for selling a military weapon to a boy for baseball cards, but after he sees that he has been tricked by him, goes back to get it back, but not before grabbing the gavel and say court is in recess, showing how orderly the Mask really is with the laws and rules and only loves causing harmless chaos and pranks with people who annoy him or Stanley.

The Mask though funny and a troll, does find some things too ridiculous and too silly to take seriously as he and Stanley ended up having a cold, which after a few mishaps, checks on his computer and discovers that a cold will bring an end to him and Stanley, which he laughs it off at first, knowing that a harmless disease though can cause headaches, runny nose and a sore throat, is pretty much harmless as it only last for a short while, but when he reads the symptoms off the computer and discovers that there are seven symptoms which symptom number one is loss of bladder control, and ends up laughing again at that, until it does happen and he eventually take it far more seriously after it happens. The Mask does have his limits as he finds Chrono's time travels too much for him to handle and takes her far more seriously than he does with most of his enemies.


Stanley's mask persona is insane and murderous. He is green-faced with especially maniacal and frightening facial gestures. He begins by killing a biker gang who beat him up, then murdering an old elementary school teacher for embarrassing him once in class years ago. After stealing the mask from his girlfriend Kathy one night, he goes on a bloodthirsty rampage, ultimately killing nearly a dozen police officers. Deciding to flee the city, Stanley takes off the mask before packing, but he is shot dead by Kathy, herself wearing the mask.


Powers and Abilities

The Mask has all the powers from the Mask of Loki and therefore is a superhuman who has cartoonish powers, along with having a superhuman intelligence that gives him endless ideas to think with. He is immune to every kind of pain and is immune to almost any disease except the common cold as he discovered in the animated series. He is a shapeshifter as he can stretches any parts of his body like his neck, his arms and his legs. He can also pop his eyes out if he's excited or scared. He can also change his head into any animals such as a dragon, a Sherlock Holmes dog with a refined accent and a cartoon wolf. He also has the power to wrap anything he sees into anything he wants such as turning any car into the Maskmobile which is usually with the Loaner.


Film/Animated Series

Tina Caryle

Stanley meets Tina at the bank and upon seeing the first sight of her, falls in love with her to the point he doesn't pay attention to what he was doing such as putting a pen inside a pencil sharper. The Mask though sharing the same memories as Stanley doesn't fall in love with her until he meets her at the Coco Bongo and falls in love with her as well, to the point that he drops his jaw to the ground and pops his eyes out at the same time, then pumps hi heart out of his chest and finally turns his head into that of a cartoon wolf which it doesn't go back to normal until he hits his head several times to get it back to normal and dances with her to the point that she gets charmed by him. Stanley and The Mask both care about Tina to the point that the Mask swallows dynamites literally to save her along with everyone else at the Coco Bongo and at the park, the Mask tries to impress her with his antics which it doesn't work at first due to his too strong nature, but manages to make up for it with his sweet nature and being a polite, well-mannered gentleman.


Stanley cares very much about Milo to the point that he sees his dog as his own kid, along with that Milo is loyal to him and stays near by him to the point that he stays close to him even after he got arrested by the police. The Mask also cares about Milo as well to the point that he doesn't do his usual hobbies if Milo has gone missing and is very adoring towards him, though Milo got scared of the Mask at first due to his wild and unpredictable nature, but overtime becomes more loyal to him and caring about him as well to the point that he helps the Mask in any situations he's in.

Peggy Brandt

Stanley meets Peggy at the bank and was initially friendly to her, which she helps him get away from the police he was escaping from. But she solds him out to Dorian Tryell to get money for the rent for her apartment, which causes Stanley not to trust her for a long time, because of it. The Mask does get along well with Peggy due to their similar personalities and does forgive her for what she did easily unlike Stanley. Stanley does eventually forgive her overtime and asks for help in any situations he's in.

Arthur Neuman

Stanley meets Dr. Neuman at his office to talk about the Mask of Loki, only for him to get dismissed by Dr. Neuman due to thinking the Mask of Loki does not exist, but does allow Stanley to attend his therapy meetings and does give him some advice on maybe become more like The Mask which does work at first only it works too well when a supervillain attacks the city and Stanley could not put the mask back on because of it and had to go back to his old self to get the Mask working again. Dr Neuman gets annoyed by Stanley to the point that when a phone call came for him to examine Pretorius at the jailhouse, he says that it will be a relief from dealing with Stanley, showing how annoyed he has become with him. Stanley tries to prove to Dr. Neuman by getting his alter-ego out to prove it, which the Mask tries to show himself only for coincidences and his short-attention span to stop him from proving his existence to him. After that fails, Stanley gives over the mask to Dr. Neuman, which he agreed to take it, only mostly if Stanley goes away and take Milo with him. Stanley is relieved at not having the mask anymore and thinking that Dr. Neuman would never put it on, only to be proven wrong as Dr. Neuman saw the mask glowing and so out of curiosity and temptation, puts it close to him and it wraps around his head and turns him into a psychotic, delusional, polite, childish madman and a supervillain who upon seeing Stanley at first sight puts him in a mock therapy session and asks him why does he insist on annoying him to the point that he names a disorder Ipkissia Maskosis after him and puts him in a wedgie straitjacket and in a birdcage for his own safety, and leaves him there while he saves the world from the disorder. Stanley decides to go after him and finds him teaming up with Pretorius after he has him freed by protocols and after finding out that Pretorius is going to nuke Edge City along with that Masked Dr. Neuman is fine with that as long it gets rid of the disorder for good, Stanley is shocked by that, reminding himself that he took a advice from him once as well and sees that Masked Dr. Neuman has truly gone mad and decides to stop him and Pretorius only to get spotted by them and Masked Dr. Neuman decides to take of him once and for all, which he tries to kill him several times and nearly manage to do it by using electric wires to kill him with calling it shock therapy, but however he fails as Stanley manages to distract him by saying that his zipper is open and Milo bites him in the rear end, which Masked Dr. Neuman tries to kill him, but gets himself electrocuted accidentally instead and after the Mask takes care of the missile by swallowing it whole and takes his face off, Stanley asks Dr. Neuman does he believe him now, only to find out that Dr. Neuman is distracted by Milo and decides it's not worth trying to prove his alter-ego's existence to him in the end.


  • He is played by Jim Carrey in The Mask (film) and voiced by Rob Paulsen in The Mask: The Animated Series.
  • Matthew Broderick, Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, John Goodman, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage, the late John Ritter and the late Robin Williams were considered for the role of Stanley Ipkiss before Jim Carrey was cast.
  • In The Mask: The Animated Series, there are some episodes that features The Mask entirely, and not Stanley.
  • There were plans for The Mask to go through different costume changes in the film, but that idea was scrapped due to budget. However that idea is eventually used in the animated series as a way for The Mask to fit in any situations he finds himself in.