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Sylvia in her cat costume.

Sylvia is a character from Son of the Mask in 2005. She is a co-worker of Tim Avery and Jorge at Animagine. She and Jorge were each other's crushes, but were too shy to approach one another.

While wearing the Mask of Loki to the company Halloween party, Tim notices Sylvia standing alone alluringly, wearing a slinky black latex cat costume dress. Tim ogles Sylvia and immediately confronts her, startling her.

Sylvia approached by the Mask.

Sylvia is confused as Tim playfully advises her to cover up her revealing cleavage before she catches a chest cold, when implying that she is, in fact, too beautiful to be all covered up. Tim proceeds to do so by wrapping Syliva entirely in mummy bandages, much to her discomfort.

Sylvia being wrapped up by the Mask.

Tim immediately sees the mummy bandages are unnecessary and quickly unravels Sylvia from them by kicking her into a spin, sending her whirling like a tornado across the room.

The Mask spins the mummified Sylvia.

Once unraveled, Sylvia stops spinning, revealing her costume has been transformed into a skimpy red swimsuit-like garment of a similar design, along with her hair down and glasses off. Sylvia's new, even more glamorized appearance receives open admiration from her fellow co-workers, including Tim from afar. Losing her balance, Sylvia falls safely into the arms of Jorge, satisfying them both.

Sylvia with Jorge.

While unsure about the sudden costume change, Sylvia becomes quickly content being in the company of Jorge, who is thereby relieved of his shyness of her. The two happily enjoy the rest of the party together as Tim performs a musical number.

  • Sylvia's personality seems to be modest but content with herself, as shown spending the company Halloween party alone before Tim had her pair up with Jorge, who she could be shy around.
  • She is conservative with her appearance, sporting glasses with her hair pinned up. For work, she wears a red Animagine jacket. For the Halloween party, she wears a full, low cut black latex dress with cat ears, a diamond-studded collar, black cuffs, and a fuzzy tail. Tim changes her costume to a red latex one-piece bathing suit with a diamond-shaped hole revealing the navel, also with red lipstick, her hair down and glasses, cat ears, and tail removed. Both outfits have a similar design with the silver studs around a low cut neckline and straps, implying that the former outfit was transformed during the spin, not replaced. Her cat collar and cuffs are the only accessories that remained from the previous costume.
  • This character could be seen as a parallel to Tina Carlyle from the previous film seeing as they are treated in the same manner by the Mask wearer.
  • 1. Both characters are ogled in the same manner by the Mask.
  • 2. Both characters are sent spinning into a transformation.
  • 3. Both characters are left a bit pleased and pleasured by their current situation. i.e. Sylvia finally talks to Jorge while Tina is kissed by the Mask. The biggest difference is that Tim isn't romantically involved with Sylvia. Tim does ogle her while under the Mask's influence, but is able to dismiss the attraction towards Sylvia out of loyalty for his marriage, having Sylvia pair up with Jorge instead.
  • Sylvia's scene is a play on the ugly duckling trope, where a female is thought to be geeky or unattractive from wearing glasses, a ponytail,or frumpy clothing, etc., until a makeover reveals her to have been beautiful all along by removing the former and adding fashionable clothing. i.e. Sylvia's glasses are removed, her hair is let down, and her outfit is made skimpier. Sylvia, however, is seen as conventionally attractive already by both Jorge and Tim, making Tim's transformation of her more of an impulse than anything.
  • One could assume that Sylvia dressed as a cat and Jorge dressed as a dog could represent the distant attraction between the two (as cats and dogs don't mix together) and Tim changing Sylvia's costume represents breaking that distance.
  • Played by Victoria Thaine.
  • Made another appearance in a deleted scene, where she says "hi" to Jorge in the lunch room before he panics, throwing his tray of food.
  • Victoria Thaine is a native Australian and therefore admitted that she was cast in the role because of film's production location taking place in the city of Sydney.