The Hood





Jess Harnell (The Mask: The Animated Series)

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The Mask: The Animated Series

The Hood is a character from The Mask: The Animated Series. He's the main antagonist of The Mother of All Hoods who's a criminal wanted for loan sharking, smuggling, jewel heists, and other crimes.

His true identity is Lawrence Lorenzo who was hired to be the police chief by Mayor Tilton. Him and his henchmen were planning to kidnap Mayor Tilton at the Coco Bongo Club and Lt. Kellaway was appointed to head up the stakeout with his visiting mother attending. When he and his henchmen kidnap Mayor Tilton as well as Lt. Kellaway's mother, Hood reveals his identity to Mayor Tilton and states that he will dispose of him and take over Edge City. The Mask managed to find Hood's hideout in the Cornitos Chips Factory and lured every policeman there. When Hood threatens to use Mrs. Kellaway as a human shield, she manages to stomp on his foot and beat him down with her purse enough to expose Hood's identity to the other cops while Mask tricked Hood's henchmen into going into the bagging machine. Hood and his men were arrested after that.


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