Mask Hunt for Green October 003
The Mask: The Hunt for Green October #3
Part of: The Mask: The Hunt for Green October
Issue number(s): 3
Page count: 36
Writer: Evan Dorkin
Penciller: Peter Gross
Inker: Barbara Schulz
Karen Platt (Inking assistants)
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Colorist: Matt Webb
Chris Chalenor (Cover colorist)
Cover artist(s): Peter Gross
Editor: Greg Vest
Mike Richardson (Consulting editor)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication date: August 1995
The Mask: The Hunt for Green October #3 was first published in September 1995 and is the third of four issues.

Plot SummaryEdit

Emily Tuttle spent four miserable years in Elementary school as the butt of everyone's jokes. But the last laugh is hers when she comes across that all-empowering artifact when she put on the Not Ordinary Mask and it fell into Her school bag when her dad cut it too close on the edge of his table by making copies of it! Now she's looking to make up for lost time with some of her long-lost schoolmates, and she's gonna dish it up better than she ever could have taken it! Revenge may be sugar-free, but for Emily it's still the ultimate dessert after a horrible meal!


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