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Mask Strikes Back 001.jpg
The Mask Strikes Back #1
Part of: The Mask Strikes Back
Issue number(s): 1
Page count: 36
Writer: John Arcudi
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Keith Williams
Letterer: Lois Buhalis
Colorist: Gregory Wright
Cover artist(s): Doug Mahnke
Editor: Michael Eury
Greg Vest (Assistant editor)
Mike Richardson (Consulting editor)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication date: February 1995

The Mask Strikes Back #1 was first published in February 1995 and is the first of five issues.

Plot Summary[]

After the "death" of Big-Head an obsessed teen, Rick, heads down to the docks where the fire ended Big-Head's spree, there he finds The Mask. Meanwhile, Lt. Kellaway, who is being told to slow down after being shot, goes to the hospital to look at a large patient with burns only to find out that the patient has escaped from the hospital and has stolen an over coat from the big and large shop and a packet of cigars. Kellaway knows then and there that it was Walter who had escaped. Rick goes back to his apartment where his friends; Hugo, Archie and Ben were waiting for him, He shows off The Mask and then explains that he is going to let the world know that Big-Head is still alive! He then rushes off to cause mayhem throughout the city.