The Tempest
The Tempest (Fritz Drizzle)


Place of birth

Edge City


TV Weatherman (formerly)


Bud Cort

First appearance

Rain of Terror

The Tempest is a villain from The Mask: The Animated Series.


Fritz Drizzle

Fritz Drizzle before his transformation

The Tempest started as a TV weatherman named Fritz Drizzle who worked for the Edge City News who had thirteen years of weather reading from meteorological college, but it seemed his weather predictions were not always correct, such as one such time when he said it would be a clear day, but a heavy downpour of rain took place instead. The Mask confronted him about this and said for a weatherman he was literally "all wet". He was also constantly interrupted before his report was even finished. Fritz blamed the tv station for not giving him the proper weather reading tools, never taking his profession seriously and lack of respect.

When one of the news crew came up to him and told him to wear a clown suit for his next weather forecast which to him was an even further lack of respect, Fritz snapped and trashed the newsroom. The news crew fired him and he swore revenge on them as well as all of Edge City.

He went stomping off to a weather station and tried ruining a weather satellite, but the beam of the satellite crossed over with a lightning storm which rebounded from the satellite dish he had tampered with, zapping him.

Tempest defeated

The Tempest defeated

The accident changed him into a freak with the ability to control the weather giving him the persona of "The Tempest". His first appearance was in the episode "Rain of Terror" where he decided to seek revenge on Edge City for his mistreatment and use his powers to terrorize unless a statue bigger than the Eiffel Tower was built in his image to honour his previous persona. Tempest made good on his threat by making a hailstorm, a blizzard and floods appear. The Mask was able to stop him by opening a manhole which sucked him down, along with the flood waters he created.


As his name shown he has the power to create weather.


  • He resembled Robin from Batman the animated series.
  • His powers are similar to Storm from the X-MEN.


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