The Mask is a reboot of the classic series. It is the first live-action appearance of the Mask ever since "Son of the Mask". However, this series takes a darker turn on the franchise, taking only a few inspirations from the original movie and much more inspirations from the comic books. Stanley Ipkiss (Bradley Cooper) finds a green mask at a small store, and notices the store's owner (Will Ferrel) is eager to get rid of it. Soon, after putting it on, Stanley finds out why!


The Airport Incident

Two men in Manhattan are arguing about a man named Montoya. Meanwhile, at an airport near Las Vegas, a mysterious man named Montoya is rushing to an airplane. He turns around and sees what looks like 2 CIA agents, then runs. He runs into a dark room, and the CIA agents try to bust down the door, but just can't. Suddenly, a man with a sinister grin and what looks like a rubber, green mask on busts down the door. The man gravs the CIA agents and throws them across the room. He starts running, but one of the CIA agents manages to shoot him. When the bullet hits the man, the walls behind him start to drip blood. The room becomes flooded with blood quickly then it would normally be. The man with the green mask swims to the door, opens it, and escapes, slamming the door behind him. He finds an exit, and runs out the building, laughing. He pulls two tommy guns out of nowhere and starts shooting everybody near him. We now see a crowded city, and a man in a hoody, with the hood covering his face, gets in a taxi, and asks the driver to bring him to Manhattan. As he looks up, his face is revealed... and he is actually Montoya!

Years Later...


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